Shiba Inu’s Path to $0.001 or $0.0001: Lucie Eplores Nine Game-Changing Offerings

Shiba Inu

Several Shiba Inu community members refuse to give up on the dream of SHIB potentially rallying to $0.001 or $0.0001. Despite the asset’s recent low prices, these enthusiasts remain bullish on SHIB.

Shiba Inu’s marketing specialist, Lucie, has pointed out nine significant factors that could contribute to SHIB achieving the desired price targets of either $0.001 or $0.0001.

Despite the recent decline in SHIB’s value, some dedicated members of the Shiba Inu community are still optimistic about the possibility of SHIB making a remarkable rally to reach either $0.001 or $0.0001.

SHIB Reaching $0.001 or $0.0001

To reach $0.0001 from its current price, SHIB will need to undergo a 1,191% rally. Similarly, achieving $0.001 would necessitate an astounding surge of 12,819% for the token.

Several community enthusiasts have remained optimistic, despite the daunting prospect of SHIB hitting $0.0001 or $0.001 from its current price.

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Shibarium Registers 553 New Wallets and 97K Transactions in 24 hours

Since its launch, Shibarium has achieved impressive feats. At the time of writing, 1,118,203 wallets (1.11 million) have interacted with Shibarium.

Additionally, the L2 network boasts a total transaction count of 1,195,760 (1.19M), as reported by Shibariumscan data. It’s worth noting that as of yesterday, Shibarium had 1,117,650 (1.11M) wallets and had processed 1,098,480 (1.09M) transactions.

This growth signifies an increase of 553 wallets and 97,280 transactions within the past 24 hours.

Lucie recently shared nine Shibarium offerings aimed at attracting both small and large corporations, recognizing that adoption is a crucial factor that can accelerate SHIB burns.

9 Offerings to Take SHIB Beyond $0.001 or $0.0001

In a tweet posted yesterday, Lucie outlined the ways in which Shibarium can be advantageous for businesses in terms of cost savings. She emphasized that businesses would only incur minimal transaction fees, enabling them to manage their budgets efficiently.

Lucie also highlighted Shibarium’s scalability as a key feature, making it an attractive option for businesses. 

Furthermore, she underscored Shibarium’s efficiency in processing transactions, noting that its speed could help businesses save valuable time.

Lucie mentioned that the introduction of Shibarium has made blockchain technology accessible to businesses of all sizes without imposing stringent obligations.

Regarding the fifth point, Lucie explained that Shibarium has a global reach, facilitating businesses in connecting with a worldwide audience.

Additionally, Lucie pointed out that Shibarium is constructed on Ethereum’s robust architecture, ensuring robust security for businesses’ assets.

She also emphasized the significance of Shibarium’s smart contract functionality, enabling businesses to automate tasks, streamline transactions, and reduce reliance on intermediaries.

Furthermore, the Shiba Inu marketing specialist highlighted that Shibarium offers an affordable way for businesses to explore the world of decentralized finance (DeFi).

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Lastly, Lucie asserted that Shibarium is eco-friendly, consuming less energy and contributing to a more environmentally friendly world.

It’s important to note that as more businesses adopt Shibarium based on the benefits Lucie highlighted, it is expected that the network’s transaction volume will significantly increase in the future. Consequently, the number of SHIB tokens being removed from circulation through burning will also rise significantly.

With an increased rate of SHIB token burning, the token’s potential to reach the desired price targets of $0.0001 or $0.001 will be accelerated.

As of the time of writing, SHIB is currently being traded at $0.000007596, reflecting a 1.89% decline in its value within the last 24 hours.

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