Shiba Inu’s Kusama Reveals Launch Date and Strategy for Shibarium: What Does This Mean For SHIB?

Over 600 Million SHIB Tokens Burned as Shibarium Acquires New Milestone

Shytoshi Kusama, the anonymous lead of the Shiba Inu project, recently discussed the forthcoming launch of Shibarium and stressed the importance of adhering to the established strategy and timeline.

During a Telegram group chat conversation, Kusama responded confidently when asked about any potential modifications to the launch date or plan for Shibarium. Kusama stated, “It doesn’t matter; everything is already set. I cannot change the date or plan. It’s called a launch strategy.”

Lucie, the content marketer responsible for Shiba Inu, shared Kusama’s statement on Twitter, expressing enthusiasm and indicating that the launch of Shibarium was drawing near.

Launch Date and Strategy Triggers Excitement Within the Community

Following its posting, the tweet gained significant attention and engagement. Notably, Old Horse, an NFT artist affiliated with Shibarium, commended the team for their strategic approach to the launch. Recognizing the importance of timing and execution, the community highlighted that the success of Shibarium heavily relied on these factors.

In relation to the conversation in the Telegram group chat, a participant named Mark made a statement, suggesting that Shibarium would be launched at ETHToronto on the 13th of the month. In response, the Shiba Inu lead developer playfully agreed with Mark’s view, stating, “Mark his words.”

Source: Shiba Inu Telegram Group

Speculations and discussions have been circulating among Twitter users and Shiba Inu enthusiasts regarding the launch of Shibarium. One user suggested that the launch might occur at a prearranged venue with a large audience.

Another user referred to a previous statement from Shiba Inu lead developer Kusama, which mentioned a timeframe of two to four months for the launch. He highlighted that July 11 would mark the four-month milestone since the beta release, emphasizing the importance of maintaining realistic expectations.

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Despite inquiries from commenters seeking clarification on the specific date, there is no consensus regarding the launch on July 4. However, Redhill Group CEO and Shiba Inu community member Austin Hilton predicted a mid-August launch for Shibarium, as reported by Fxcryptonews.

Kusama recently disclosed that the Shibarium launch is approaching, while a Shibarium developer shared in May that the launch was closer than anticipated. Lucie, a marketing specialist for Shiba Inu, also mentioned last month that Shibarium would launch at the optimal time.
Lucie had previously revealed an estimated timeline for the launch, forecasting a launch date in August, while Kusama’s projection indicated July. Considering these factors, Lucie placed the timeline for the launch between Q2 and Q3 of this year.

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