Shiba Inu’s Expanding Ecosystem: Shibarium ID Prepares for Launch

Shibarium ID

Shiba Inu’s thriving ecosystem is about to receive a new addition that promises to revolutionize the landscape. Shibarium ID, a startup dedicated to creating a platform for .shib domain names, has officially announced its impending launch, scheduled for as early as next month. This venture is set to reshape the world of blockchain-based digital identity for the SHIB community and beyond.

Empowering the Shibarium Ecosystem

Shibarium ID is gearing up to seamlessly integrate with Shiba Inu’s recently launched Shibarium network. This strategic move positions it as one of the pioneering Web3 domain trading platforms to offer support for the layer-2 solution. Shibarium ID’s profile reveals that it enjoys the backing of Proof of Human, a venture capital company based in Wyoming, with a specific focus on investments in digital identity startups. Proof of Human is on a mission to create a “Sybil-proof experience across all digital platforms.”

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Exploring the Features of Shibarium ID

A sneak peek into Shibarium ID’s offerings provides a glimpse of its impressive capabilities. Users can anticipate the ability to register, renew, manage .shib domain listings, review offers, and accept bids. Additionally, the platform appears to be rolling out a referral program, enabling users to earn enticing rewards.

While Shibarium ID derives its name from the Shiba Inu ecosystem, it has broader ambitions. The platform plans to extend support to Web3 domains on the Ethereum (.eth), BNB Chain (.bnb), and Arbitrum (.arb) networks. Shibarium ID envisions itself as a “universal name service network,” with Shibarium taking the lead but serving as part of a more comprehensive multi-chain approach.

Contributing to the Shibarium Ecosystem

Shibarium ID is not just another platform seeking to benefit from the SHIB community; it’s dedicated to giving back. The platform intends to allocate a portion of the fees generated from each domain sale to support SHIB-related initiatives. This commitment encompasses contributions to SHIB Burns, Doggy DAO, and other non-profit donations.

In the broader context of the Shibarium ecosystem, Shibarium ID’s arrival expands the array of decentralized applications available on the newly launched network. This development aligns with the growing ecosystem’s aim to provide a diverse range of offerings, ensuring that SHIB users have access to a wide array of services. In a similar vein, The Crypto Basic recently reported on the impending release of the Shiba Hub app, designed to complement Shiba Inu’s existing offerings, marking a dynamic and exciting period for the SHIB community and its expanding ecosystem.

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