Shiba Inu Unveils SHIB Name Service on Shibarium

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is taking its first stride towards creating Shibidentity by introducing the Shib Name Service (SNS) on the widely adopted L2 blockchain, Shibarium.

Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer behind Shiba Inu, has rolled out an exciting feature on Shibarium.

In a blog post, Kusama proudly announced the launch of Shib Name Service (SNS) on the Shibarium network by the dedicated Shiba Inu ecosystem development team.

According to Kusama, the introduction of SNS signifies the initial phase in bringing the much-anticipated Shibidentity to life. This feature empowers Shiba Inu enthusiasts to “own and control their digital identities.” 

Key Features of SNS

Significantly, the SNS feature grants Shibarium users the convenience of having user-friendly addresses, as opposed to the complicated strings of numbers and letters typical of cryptocurrency addresses. Kusama elucidated that with SNS, users can effortlessly send crypto assets to friends using their Shib names.

“For example, you can send tokens to ‘bob.shib’ instead of a lengthy and confusing wallet address such as 0xCD4C526E9981d690472d1cB85F2ddf08451C4673,” Kusama noted.

In addition to providing human-readable addresses, Kusama highlighted various other advantages of the SNS feature, including heightened security, decentralization, error reduction, scalability, resistance to censorship, and interoperability.

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An Integral Component of Shibidentity

It’s noteworthy that SNS plays a pivotal role in developing Shibidentity, a project Kusama described as “a groundbreaking advancement in decentralized identity solutions.”

Shibidentity will empower individuals to govern their digital identities through self-custodial authentication, smart wallets, and verifiable credentials.

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Acquiring Unique Shib Names

The Shiba Inu lead also shared step-by-step instructions for Shiba Inu community members interested in securing their unique Shib names. Acquiring a unique Shib name involves a visit to the SNS platform.

Upon arriving at the website, users must connect their wallets and search for their desired name. If it’s available, users can acquire the name and specify the duration they wish to retain it.

After these steps are completed, users must confirm the transaction within their wallets. Purchased names can be viewed by clicking the “My Names” button on the platform.

Shiba Inu Announces a $5K Giveaway

Shiba Inu’s official X (formerly Twitter) account also confirmed the SNS launch, deeming it a moment that the SHIB community had eagerly awaited.

As previously reported, Shiba Inu initiated a 72-hour countdown to celebrate the introduction of the blockchain-based identity solution.

The team also encouraged community participation in a contest where they could have the chance to claim a share of the $5,000 giveaway. Notably, this giveaway was unveiled to commemorate the SNS launch.

Shiba Inu Team Member Highlights the Significance of SNS and Shibidentity

Meanwhile, Shiba Inu marketing specialist Lucie utilized X to outline the importance of SNS and Shibidentity.

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