Shiba Inu: Shibarium Ascends to Top Five Active Networks on NOWNodes Platform

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Whales Disappear as Large Transactions Plummet

Shibarium, the blockchain ecosystem focused on Shiba Inu, now proudly stands among the top five most active networks on NOWNodes, the renowned blockchain node provider. This significant achievement was recently announced by NOWNodes, highlighting the escalating use of Shibarium and their need to scale up their capacity. 

The Shiba Inu X official handle responded enthusiastically to this development with a “Woof” comment, stating: 

“Woof! Scaling to new heights. Shibarium just entered the Top 5 most active networks on NOWNodes, and we’re just getting warmed up.”

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Shibarium’s Impact on NOWNodes Platform

Shibarium’s rise to prominence on the node provider platform only occurred two months after NOWNodes launched the Shibarium remote procedure call (RPC) node. In September, NOWNodes introduced the Shibarium RPC Full Node, opening up a world of possibilities for blockchain developers. 

Upon its launch, NOWNodes expressed that software engineers could easily integrate Shiba Inu RPC nodes into their crypto projects, bolster their infrastructure, and complete node maintenance in under an hour. 

However, the support for Shibarium on NOWNodes led to a surge in requests and calls. Consequently, NOWNodes has expanded “the capacities for Shibarium RPC Node utilizations” to meet this increasing demand. 

“This is a necessary step to welcome more requests and calls plus integrate partners with bigger volume,” NOWNodes stated in the announcement. 

RPC nodes are crucial to blockchain infrastructure as they enable interactions between the network and external services. Acting as connectors, they allow developers to send and receive requests to and from the blockchain smoothly. 

Following the deployment of the Shibarium RPC Full Node, NOWNodes has incorporated Shibarium Tech Suite bots to boost the functionalities of automated DeFi tools. The AI services included are Sniper Bot, Live Pairing Bot, Trending Bot, and Buy Bot.

Furthermore, in October, NOWNodes revealed its integration with 0xShibarium AI, a comprehensive solution specially designed for Shibarium.

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