Shiba Inu Set to Soar to $0.00006, Says Bitcoin Veteran

SHIB Team Issues Major Einstein-Inspired Warning to Community

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is on track to hit a price of $0.00006 amid the cryptocurrency’s recent upsurge, boldly projected by Davinci Jeremie, a veteran Bitcoin advocate. Jeremie, who has been a proponent of Bitcoin for over a decade, has expressed his confidence in SHIB’s ability to reach this ambitious target.

Shiba Inu’s Recent Surge

The Shiba Inu bulls have finally proclaimed their presence, driving SHIB close to cracking the $0.00003 price channel. Market data shows that SHIB reached a new daily peak at $0.00002933, following an 18.51% increase from the initial low of $0.00002475.

Jeremie’s Previous Advice and Current Stance

Interestingly, Jeremie had previously advised crypto market participants to accumulate SHIB tokens during the bearish period following the initial pump in early March. He now expects a breakout after the downturn, with initial targets between $0.000025 and $0.00003. Jeremie has added to his Shiba Inu portfolio during the low prices, and now that his initial projections have materialized, he is confident that SHIB is headed for $0.00006.

Achieving the $0.00006 Target

At Shiba Inu’s present value of around $0.00002792, achieving the $0.00006 target would demand only a surge of 114%. This is not an unrealistic feat, considering that SHIB soared by over 370% in just eight days during the first bullish phase that ended in early March.

Significance of the $0.00006 Level

Notably, Shiba Inu last traded around the $0.00006 threshold at the peak of the 2021 bull run frenzy. Attaining this price point would place SHIB just 32% below its all-time high of $0.00008845, a significant milestone for the meme-inspired cryptocurrency.

Support from Other Analysts

Jeremie’s ambitious target for Shiba Inu is not an isolated opinion. Many other market observers, including Davie Satoshi, Javon Marks, and Eunice Wong, have proposed comparable price targets in their independent analyses. Notably, Wong believes SHIB would cancel another zero during this emerging phase, further reinforcing the bullish sentiment surrounding the token.

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