Shiba Inu: Safety Concerns Over Metaverse Twitter as Former Team Takes Controls 

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Shiba Inu enthusiasts, the ShibArmy, have received a safety warning from Susbarium, a well-known scam reporter in the Shiba Inu community. According to Susbarium’s recent disclosure on Sunday, the Twitter account associated with the Shib Metaverse project is now under the control of former team members who were removed from the SHIB ecosystem leadership. The account has been renamed and is currently identified as “Waggles Crypto Goods.”

As a result of this situation, Susbarium has raised concerns that the content and links shared by the handle may not be coming from the official leaders of the Shiba Inu ecosystem. To ensure safety and avoid potential scams, community members have been advised to verify information independently and exercise utmost caution when interacting with any links shared by the Waggles Crypto Goods account. Being vigilant is crucial in protecting the community from fraudulent activities and misinformation.

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Dispute over Waggles Crypto Goods Account Ownership Raises Concerns in Shiba Inu Community

In response to the recent disclosure about the Waggles Crypto Goods account, a former Shiba Inu ecosystem official, UB, defended the project, stating that it is not a scam. UB clarified that the project was developed by Makeshift, an actual toy company, and asserted that the products designed for SHIB and Shiboshis would be sold on a secure website. UB further explained that he had created the brand back in December when he was still part of the Shib ecosystem, serving in roles within the Shib Metaverse creative team and the Shiba Inu defense team.

However, the renaming of the account without a consensus has drawn criticism from Susbarium, a famous Shiba Inu community scam reporter. Susbarium expressed concern over handling the company account, emphasizing that the former team should have handed it over after leaving or being dismissed from the SHIB team. The situation has sparked debate about account ownership and transparency within the Shiba Inu community.

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SHIB Metaverse Progresses Toward Official Launch as Investor Acquires 73 Lands

Amid the ongoing developments, the highly anticipated SHIB Metaverse project, first introduced in March 2022, is steadily approaching its official launch day. The project gained renewed attention in April when Marcie Jastrow, the Shiba Inu metaverse advisor, reassured the community of substantial progress to be expected this year. Shortly after her statement, the project unveiled new details, generating excitement among SHIB enthusiasts.

According to fxcryptonews, Marcie Jastrow revealed that the project would soon showcase new designs in the upcoming months, hinting at further innovations in the pipeline. Reflecting the growing enthusiasm surrounding the SHIB Metaverse, a notable investor recently made a significant move by acquiring 73 lands within the virtual world, sparking reactions from both the Shiba Inu community and Jastrow herself. The purchase coincided closely with the unveiling of the new Metaverse branding and website by Shytoshi Kusama, adding to the anticipation surrounding the project’s future developments.

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