Shiba Inu Remains on Binance: Clarifying Recent Delisting Rumors

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Lucie, the Shiba Inu ecosystem marketing lead, recently addressed widespread misconceptions about Binance’s decision to remove a SHIB trading pair. Yesterday, Binance announced its plans to delist seven spot crypto trading pairs, including SHIB/TUSD, on June 28 at 03:00 AM (UTC). The exchange cited low liquidity and trading volume for the affected pairs, prompting their removal to protect users. 

Clarifying Misconceptions

However, some crypto media outlets reported this news as if Binance was entirely delisting Shiba Inu from its platform. Reacting to these reports, Lucie characterized them as ‘click-bait.’ She clarified that Binance is not delisting Shiba Inu entirely but is only removing the SHIB/TUSD trading pair. Moreover, she encouraged Shiba Inu community members to verify information from reliable sources before forming conclusions.

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Furthermore, Binance confirmed that removing the SHIB/TUSD trading pair does not affect the token’s availability on the exchange. Users can still trade the quote and base assets of the delisted pairs through other supported pairs. With Binance set to remove SHIB/TUSD tomorrow at 03:00 (UTC), the exchange will retain eight Shiba Inu spot trading pairs. These include SHIB/USDT, SHIB/FDUSD, SHIB/USDC, SHIB/EUR, SHIB/TRY, SHIB/DOGE, SHIB/BRL, and SHIB/JPY.

Addressing Previous Rumors

This isn’t the first time Lucie has debunked rumors about Shiba Inu’s delisting from Binance. Shortly after Binance announced the removal of SHIB/BUSD and 22 other cross-margin pairs, some media platforms claimed that Binance was delisting Shiba Inu. This false claim stirred reactions from Shiba Inu enthusiasts, prompting Lucie to clarify that Binance was not delisting SHIB.

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Meanwhile, Shiba Inu’s price continues to decline amidst a broader crypto market downturn. The dog-themed token has experienced a daily loss of 3.96%, with its unit price currently at $0.00001691. 

Lucie’s statements and Binance’s clarification aim to correct the misinformation and assure the Shiba Inu community of the token’s continued availability on the exchange.

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