Shiba Inu Recorded Its Lowest Ever Weekly Burn of 272.14 Million Shib Since The Launch Of The SHIB Burn Portal

Shiba Inu Burns Surges To 30,000% Following 1.4 Billion SHIB Burn

Shiba Inu burn interest has declined remarkably in the last week, as the most potent crypto community has incinerated over 272.14 million SHIB over the previous seven days.

This is the lowest Weekly SHIB Burn total since the official SHIB Burn Portal powered by Ryoshis Vision was launched (RYOSHI). Prior to this, the lowest burn occurred in June, when community-led burn initiatives burned up only 565,490,894 (565.49M) SHIB in 74 different transactions.

However, the SHIB Burn Portal launch in April 2022 proved to be a massive success for Shiba Inu. It assisted the crypto space’s most dedicated community in reducing SHIB’s supply by burning an enormous total of 63,320,458,279 (63.32B) SHIB within five months of launch.

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Highest Burner of The Week

The Top SHIB Burner of the Week is 1Cent, a community-oriented BEP-20 token deployed on Binance Smart Chain. On Monday, September 5th, 1Cent token held its Weekly SHIB Burn Event, as usual, destroying 41,459,612 (41.45M) SHIB in a single significant transaction.

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Last 24 Hours also published SHIB Burn figures for the previous day, revealing that the Shiba Inu Community burned 60,848,839 (60.84M) SHIB tokens in 12 separate transactions during the last 24 hours.

Highest Shib Burner Of The Day

Travis Johnson’s SHIB Super Store was one of the day’s Top SHIB Burners. In one substantial transaction, the individual Community-led project sent 50,704,939 (50.70M) SHIB to the “inferno” address. As a result, SHIB Super Store claimed to have burned over 1.1 billion SHIB using the official SHIB Burn Portal, assisting Shiba Inu in reducing supply by nearly 2.9 billion SHIB since November 2021.

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