Shiba Inu Puppynet Continues to Witness Spike in Wallet; Here’s Why

Shibarium Beta Now Boast of Over 14M Wallets, What to Expect?

The number of hosted wallets on Puppynet, the beta version of the Shiba Inu Shibarium network, continues to rise.

This ongoing development has piqued the public’s interest in the underlying cause of this abrupt rise. 

According to recent information, someone used a script to generate millions of wallets to stress test the network.

The information was made public via a tweet by a Shib Pixel Pups team member, an NFT initiative in Shiba Inu. 

The person acknowledged writing a script that produced over 9.5 million wallets on Puppynet and executed over 3 million transactions on the beta network. 

Additionally, about 1620 tokens were produced.

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The Test Script

It is a commendable attempt to create a script that can create millions of test network wallets because it can help assess the blockchain’s scalability and effectiveness. 

It can also assist in finding any potential flaws or errors that might emerge along the procedure. For determining the network’s dependability, stress testing is essential.

According to its author, the script’s purpose was to assess how well the network could manage high-traffic circumstances like games and airdrops. 

They also suggested performing an airdrop script and other tests to evaluate the network’s capabilities, such as transaction speed and robustness. 

No bugs have been reported as of yet.

The Script Importance to Puppynet

In the last two days, wallets increased by 86% and reached 5 million. This script caused this extraordinary surge.

The test network aims to allow interested parties to run various tests on the network to confirm its dependability and efficacy before it is launched on the mainnet. 

All activity, tokens, and transactions seen on the testnet are exclusively for testing purposes and are not actual transactions, as Shytoshi Kusama, the Shiba Inu lead, has often emphasized.

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