Shiba Inu Partner Opens Ways To Shibarium Projects

Shiba Inu Partner Opens Ways To Shibarium Projects

 Shiba Inu partner –BAD Idea AI is offering free listings into its AI chatbot training model for Shibarium projects.

The Shiba Inu ecosystem has been building ties with BAD Idea AI, a blockchain-artificial intelligence project. In its latest initiative, BAD Idea AI announced its offering of listing to its AI chatbot training model, a chatbot exclusively for Shibarium-based projects.

Specifically, Bad Idea to train its chatbot to study and understand technical and general information about projects accepted under the new program. With this knowledge, the bot will become useful when integrated within the project’s communities, helping to answer users’ questions.

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BAD Idea AI promotes the idea that such integration will inevitably help increase the reach and impact of Shibarium projects within the program.

In addition, the application is currently open to projects that have already deployed on Shibarium or intend to in the future. If the project team aligns with the SHIB whitepaper, they can potentially secure the BAD Idea AI listing.

As part of the latest development, the BAD Idea AI chatbot has joined the Shibarium Tech Telegram community. Users can easily summon the bot to get answers to technical questions about the chain by running the /bad command.

Shiba Inu Ties Strengthened  

BAD Idea AI partnership with the Shibarium team reveals a growing bond between both team.

Since their partnership in July, the Shiba Inu team has pushed for BAD Idea AI to secure a security audit, listing and a branded wallet partnership with Tangem. The BAD team’s latest offering may represent an effort to give back to the project’s community and foster continued collaboration.

Currently, SHIB trades at $0.00000720 per token.

SHIB Current Price

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