Shiba Inu: Shibarium RPC Node Processes 7M+ Requests in a Week – Sparks Interest from Business Partners

Shiba Inu: Shibarium Records Historic 3 Million Daily Transactions

NOWNodes, a well-known node supplier supporting over 80 blockchain networks, has presented interesting advancements surrounding its most recent venture, the Shibarium Remote Procedure Call (RPC) node.

NOWNodes revealed on X that the numbers around the Shibarium RPC node keep growing. It was shown that the surge occurred about a week after the RPC nodes for software developers and enterprises were deployed

Over 7M RPC Request Processed in a Week

NOWNodes specifically highlighted that Shibarium accomplished a tremendous performance by handling more than 7 million RPC requests for the network in a single week. Shibarium’s RPC requests processed for its debut on NOWNodes broke previous records, according to the company.

“Shibarium hit the weekly record in debut launched at NOWNodes,” the node provider remarked. 

Furthermore, according to NOWNodes, this is just the beginning of the success. As interest in the layer-two blockchain for the Shiba Inu ecosystem grows, it alluded to forthcoming milestones. 

The provider of the node specifically mentioned how many of its business partners have shown interest in using the Shibarium RPC Full Node. According to NOWNodes, the main obstacle preventing these agreements from going live is token migration.

The node provider insisted that the collaborations are taking place notwithstanding everything. Also, NOWNodes highlighted the Shibarium RPC node’s most notable application cases. 

According to the update, the two most useful services for Shibarium via NOWNodes are decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and Bridges. Bridges are notable for enabling users to move digital assets between several blockchains.

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Shibarium Node Guide

While this was going on, NOWNodes noticed that the development community had repeatedly enquired about the operation of Shibarium RPC nodes. A thorough Shibarium guide was introduced by NOWNodes to address the community’s growing interest and questions.

Concerning making RPC queries to Shibarium Full Node utilizing a specific API private key, NOWNodes specifically produced a YouTube video tutorial. 

Recall that in February, NOWNodes originally expressed interest in working with Shibarium as a node supplier. The platform released a roadmap of how they would incorporate Shibarium after its launch a month later.

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