Shiba Inu: NowNodes Shares Shibarium Trading Bots Development

Shiba Inu Faces Turbulence as Critical Price Level Is Breached

NowNodes, a top provider of blockchain node infrastructure, has recently voiced its admiration for the Shiba Inu (SHIB) community for its dedication. It also gave an update on the growth of trading bots on Shibarium.

Notably, a guide explaining how users could develop trade bots on Shibarium was previously published by the blockchain node provider with the Shiba Inu community. 

Shortly after Binance announced the release of its improved trading bots, NowNodes decided to draw attention to certain guidelines they had previously released. These manuals offer comprehensive guidance for hobbyists interested in building trading bots that work across several networks.

According to NowNodes, they have received two examples of trading bots created by the shib community utilizing their guide in the past week. They seized the chance to show their enthusiasm for the SHIB community’s commitment. “This is what makes you exceptional,” the tweet states.

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NewNodes Provide Support for Shiba Inu Community

As was previously mentioned, the NowNodes team released a thorough tutorial on May 5 to assist supporters in creating trade bots on Shibarium. 

The manual advised how interested parties can use technologies like Python 3.11.3, Telegram, Ethereum Node & WebSocket access, and Node.js to construct a Shibarium-based bot that can assist them in automating deals. Investors who could be distracted by other obligations and need to make timely trade decisions would particularly benefit from this.

Shiba Inu community members have been urged to contact NowNodes if they need additional assistance after completing the course. Examples of trading bots were sent to the node provider, which suggests that the method has gained support from many supporters.

This is one of the methods NowNodes is attempting to support Shibarium. The platform first showed interest in Shibarium in February when it declared its ambition to assist the L2 network by acting as a node supplier. This is significant since it will grant builders shared or exclusive access to nodes on Shibarium.

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