Shiba Inu NFT Project Unveils Shibarium Launch Date

Shiba Inu NFT Project Unveils Shibarium Launch Date

ColonelCoup, an NFT based project in Shiba Inu community, has revealed its mint date alongside a planned launch on Shibarium. Shibarium which is a recent network among SHIB investors, laid plans to welcome the ColonelCoup NFT collection.

For a smooth mint, the team on their X account stipulated the launch date to be October 11.

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The minting event features a blind auction, allowing users to purchase NFTs without seeing them. This anonymity lasts till October 14th, the purposed reveal date, where users get to see purchased items.

Users are advised to hold both SHIB and BONE tokens on the Shibarium network for the purchase. This is because each NFT will be priced at 5 million SHIB ($39 at current price) token while BONE act as network fees.

SHIB Current Price Chart

Exact timing for the mint and reveal events is said to be disclosed as the project approaches launch. However, it’s crucial investors evaluate associated risks and risk tolerance before engaging in this exciting venture.”

Shiba Inu Ecosystem Progresses

The ColonelCoup collection’s upcoming mint is just one of the many activities sparking excitement within the Shiba Inu project. As reported earlier, Shytoshi -the lead developer of Shiba-Inu, hinted at something significant for the community.

While speculation grows regarding what’s brewing, early signs suggest it could involve the Shibarium network or even AI integration. 

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