Shiba Inu New Burn Initiative to Launch in June

SHIB Whale Activity Intensifies Amid Burn Rate Spike

Community members and well-known entities continually burn Shiba Inu, and the blazing wheel has never stopped turning. For instance, Coinbase burnt 200 million SHIB tokens only yesterday. Parallel to this, a wallet that had been sleeping for over two years [520 days, to be exact] suddenly awoke to burn its assets in a single transaction.

Due to its most recent announcement, Blaze Token, another project, has gained prominence. The project recently deleted 3.6 billion SHIB tokens, valued at $31,621, and this is one of the most significant SHIB burn transactions of 2023.

Before it, the project has successfully burned multiple batches of billions of tokens, such as 1.2 billion, 3 billion, etc. In several other recent occurrences, Blaze Token has caused an enormous SHIB burn. The total quantity of SHIB tokens burned by the initiative due to all these burns has hit a key milestone of 11.5 billion SHIB.

A project that has actively participated in SHIB burns, besides Blaze, is Koyo Token. It sees itself as a supporter of the cryptocurrency initiative with a dog theme. In addition, Wolf AI, a brand-new platform for AI-based video editing, recently declared that it would burn trillions of Shiba Inu tokens annually. 

According to recent reports, Wolf AI will burn 2% of transaction fees on each transaction completed in the native token for the project. Additionally, the team will burn Shiba Inu tokens as part of the process using 15% of its earnings.

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SHIB Next Burn Initiative

Details of the platform’s next burn initiative were just made public via Shibburn, Shib’s Inu burn tracker. According to the release, the platform will move to a new website in addition to other new changes. In June, the same is scheduled to debut.

“Many other tools” that will assist with burns will be provided in addition to the already-existing burn tracking capability and made available to users. Community members can also design unique Shibburn bios to showcase their links and NFTs using OpenSea, Blur, and the built-in Shibburn marketplace and add items, charts, burn statistics, etc. 

When users burn tokens, they can acquire “reward tokens” as well. The new website will also offer free Drupal and WordPress plugins. Users would reportedly find it “even more convenient” to incorporate the service into their platforms.

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