Shiba Inu: Lucie Unveils Major Partnership for SHIB Doggy DAO Foundation

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Shiba Inu’s very own content marketing specialist, Lucie, recently made an exciting announcement on platform X. Lucie shared a significant update revealing that Alpha Transform Holdings (ATH), a prominent crypto advisory investment firm, has formalized a partnership to provide counsel to a foundation centered around the Shiba Inu theme.

This foundation, none other than the SHIB Doggy DAO, functions as an autonomous community under the governance of Shiba Inu token holders. The focal point of this partnership is underscored by the fact that the DAO plays a pivotal role in funding projects developed on the emerging Shibarium blockchain.

New Collaboration Aims to Elevate SHIB Doggy DAO Foundation with Elite Blockchain Expertise

In an official communication, the advisory company underlined that SHIB Doggy DAO is poised to leverage their profound proficiency in the blockchain domain. ATH emphasized the significant contributions of their esteemed industry collaborators, shedding light on the pivotal roles these experts have played in advising prominent cryptocurrency initiatives.

Remarkably, ATH’s lineup of partners boasts influential figures from noteworthy entities including News Corp, Nasdaq, and Disney. These luminaries have previously provided invaluable guidance to leading crypto ventures like Ethereum (ETH) and Tether, the reputable issuer of the widely recognized stablecoin.

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Alpha Transform Holdings Joins Forces with Shiba Inu: Paving the Way for a Thriving Ecosystem

CEO of Alpha Transform Holdings, Enzo Villani, highlighted Shiba Inu’s remarkable surge and the impressive achievements of Shibarium on the testnet. Villani emphasized the compelling figures:

“With a user base exceeding 21 million wallets and a remarkable tally of 250,000 smart contracts written on their Layer 2 blockchain testnet, numerous brands within entertainment, media, and finance sectors will undoubtedly be eager to engage with this vibrant community.”

Echoing this enthusiasm, Michael Terpin, ATH’s General Partner, expressed his anticipation to collaborate closely with the Shiba Inu community. Terpin extended a commitment to support the community’s journey towards achieving full governance, stating:

“Our dedication lies in assisting both the Shibarium blockchain and Doggy DAO in sustaining and enhancing this momentum as the Shiba Inu Ecosystem evolves into a fully-fledged governance framework.”

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