Shiba Inu Lead Developer Breaks Quiet Streak to Laude Shibarium Projects

Shiba Inu Price Skyrockets Amid Bitcoin Bull Run and 30,000% Burn Rate Explosion

After a period of silence, Shytoshi Kusama, the Shiba Inu lead developer, has now stepped forward with a message of motivation for Shiba Inu-inspired developers.

Transitioning from his earlier reserve, Kusama wholeheartedly celebrated the tireless efforts of those crafting on the Shibarium blockchain. Sharing his excitement in the Shibarium Telegram group, he exclaimed, “Excited to see all the incredible projects on.” 

Previously hesitant to comment on the challenges faced by the Shibarium developers, Kusama now actively applauds their relentless pursuit. “Finally, get to come out of quiet mode for all the amazing projects out there,” he stated emphatically.

In an effort to bridge the information gap, Lucie, the adept Shiba Inu content specialist, swiftly uploaded a snapshot of Kusama’s words on the X platform, thereby engaging the expansive Shiba Inu audience.

It is relevant to note that Lucie fervently dispelled the misconception that the Shiba Inu core team remains oblivious to Shibarium’s burgeoning projects. She asserted, “Truth be told, we’ve got our eyes glued to every Shibarium project,” Lucie’s clarion call to the community reflected the team’s admiration and anticipation.

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 “We’re eagerly watching the developments, innovations, and incredible work being done. Keep up the great work, Shibarium gang! ”

She noted.

Projects Flourishing on Shibarium

Data mined from Defillama, a premier DeFi total value locked (TVL) aggregator, showcases a meteoric rise in Shibarium’s popularity. With the list now boasting 11 decentralized exchanges and a duo of Farm protocols, it marks a striking 50% growth since The Crypto Basic’s report on August 30. 

To put names to these trailblazers, we have MARSWAP, ChewySwap, DogSwap, and the likes of PunkSwap and WoofSwap, among others. Concurrently, ChocoInu and ShibFi are making waves as top-tier Shibarium Farm protocols. Collectively, they’ve amassed a TVL tallying to $693,401.

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Increased Activity Echoes in SHIB Burns

As Kusama’s accolades for Shibarium builders resonate, the SHIB Army raised concerns about the ebbing SHIB burn rates. Addressing this head-on, Kusama elucidated that Shibarium isn’t a standalone mechanism for burning Shiba Inu tokens.

Instead, he confidently conveyed that amplifying Shibarium’s utilization paves the way for heightened SHIB burns.

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