Shiba Inu Joins Hands with Legendary Manny Pacquiao’s Foundation, Embracing Shibarium Integration

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In a significant stride forward, the Shiba Inu ecosystem has formalized a strategic alliance with the charitable organization founded by boxing legend Manny Pacquiao. The Manny Pacquiao Foundation recently took to Twitter, announcing their collaboration with Shiba Inu and expressing gratitude and enthusiasm to the SHIB Army for their unwavering support.

Forging a Collaborative Path

According to the official press release, the primary objective of this collaboration is the integration of Shibarium, Shiba Inu’s layer two blockchain, into the operational framework of the Manny Pacquiao Foundation. This strategic move aims to bring heightened efficiency to the foundation’s activities, optimizing, streamlining, and securely recording various processes.

Shibarium is poised to be pivotal in tracking donations and fundraising, facilitating seamless fund distribution, and efficiently managing other crucial resources. Consequently, this collaboration is anticipated to significantly enhance transparency, providing a clearer view of the Foundation’s impactful social initiatives on a global scale.

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Gratitude from Manny Pacquiao to the SHIB Community

Embedded within the foundation’s announcement was a direct message from Manny Pacquiao, expressing gratitude to the Shiba Inu community for their support. 

In a short video clip attached to the statement, the boxing legend remarked, 

“Thank you, SHIB community, for supporting the Manny Pacquiao Foundation. We are excited about this partnership. God bless.”

Manny Pacquiao Foundation: A Beacon of Hope

Founded in 2019, the Manny Pacquiao Foundation actively commits to assisting the less fortunate and fostering hope on a global scale as a U.S.-based nonprofit. Renowned for his generosity, Manny Pacquiao has reportedly contributed over one-third of his career earnings to charitable causes.

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NFT Ventures and Community Participation

Following the collaboration announcement, the foundation also offered an update on the recent launch of its second edition NFT, “The Shib.” This initiative aims to introduce a new way for the community to interact and actively support the foundation.

Within 24 hours of release, the foundation minted all 1,000 NFTs of the first edition. 3,000 NFTs will be available for the upcoming edition, providing the SHIB Army with a unique and exciting opportunity to participate in this innovative venture.

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