Shiba Inu finally makes major announcement, launches metaverse platform ‘’Shib’’

Shiba Inu finally makes major announcement, launches metaverse platform ‘’Shib’’

Shiba Inu, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies globally, has finally made its much-anticipated announcement. The memecoin revealed on Twitter that it would be launching its metaverse platform called SHIB. 

A major development for Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu revealed more details of the metaverse in a lengthy blog post, highlighting that it would develop into an ecosystem for the ShibArmy to grow, share and benefit together. The metaverse will be hosted on the domain and incorporate different features for users to explore new products. 

SHIB metaverse will consist of 100,595 plots of land, and users will be able to buy these real estates to become part of its ecosystem. Furthermore, some lands will remain locked as they represent key locations for travel within the metaverse and stay private. 

The SHIB metaverse will be incorporate all tokens in the Shiba ecosystem, including $SHIB, $LEASH and $BONE. There are expectations that the project will increase the use cases of the tokens.

The Shiba team intends to unlock 35,431 plots of land and reveal a part of the four districts featured in the metaverse: the Growth District, Defense District, Technology District, and the Currencies District. 

The metaverse sale will be divided into 4 different tiers. 

Tier 4 🦴 Silver Fur: 17,030 Lands

Tier 3 🦴 Gold Tail: 7,356 Lands

Tier 2 🦴 Platinum Paw: 5,714 Lands

Tier 1 🦴 Diamond Teeth: 2,024 Lands

private Locked 🦴 HUBS: 4,307 Lands

Furthermore, the sale of the lands has been scheduled as follows. 

💸0.2 $ETH for (Tier 4) Silver Fur

💸0.3 $ETH for (Tier 3) Gold Tail

💸0.5 $ETH for (Tier 2) Platinum Paw

💸 1 $ETH for (Tier 1) Diamond Teeth

Could this lead to SHIB price rise? 

As expected, the announcement has elicited a positive response from the Shiba Inu community due to the massive use-cases of the tokens within its ecosystem. There are expectations that this could lead to more adoption and cause a bullish run for SHIB. 

Shiba has made the headlines recently with the massive burn rate of SHIB tokens, which is a major development. At the moment, the price of Shiba Inu has risen by 3% since the announcement, and there is hope among SHIB lovers that this could herald a new era for cryptocurrency. 

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