Shiba Inu developers introduce interesting features to Shib Metaverse Land Sale

Shib: the metaverse

Shiba Inu Developers has introduced a new feature, “MULTIBID”, To the Bid Stage of SHIB: The Metaverse LAND SALE Event. These new features allow participants to bid on multiple selections with one transaction.

While the SHIB community is already actively engaging in the land sales event, the team has not ceased to work tirelessly to introduce new improvements that will bust the output drastically. 

One of such latest inclusions, according to a member of the team, is “SHIB INFORMER,” i.e., Timer and Multiple bids with a single transaction.

What These Upgrades Mean For The project

These new upgrades will be of massive use to the users. The Timer is designed to help the contestants track how much time they have before the next stage of the bidding process, allowing them to plan their bid strategically. 

Also, SHIB: The Metaverse recently announced the addition of “MULTIBID” to the system, designed to help the contestants place bids on multiple selections with only a single transaction to reduce cost. 

SHIB: The Metaverse Land Auction 

Recall that the Bid Stage of SHIB: The Metaverse LAND SALE Event was launched on on April 13, 2022. And this first stage of the event, where LEASH holders are granted early access to the maps/lands, is planned to last for 72 hours.  

According to recent reports, the event has already gone above 4500+ transactions within 48 hours. 

Note that only those who locked their LEASH or their Shiboshis NFTs utilising the locking system introduced on April 2, 2022, are eligible to participate at this stage. The cryptocurrency being used for bidding purposes is Ethereum (ETH).

What Next After This Stage?

As per the official SHIB blog, the next stage after this is the “Holder Event,” and this stage is again to allow LEASH and Shiboshi NFT holders who did not participate in the first stage’s land bidding to unlock another opportunity. This second stage will last for seven days and require holders to lock their LEASH and Shiboshi to get early access. 

It’s after Stage 2 must have been concluded that the open-public sale will kick-off. 

“At this final stage, everyone will be able to purchase the remaining available lands on the map, at the fixed price, and without needing to lock any of their ecosystem assets.”

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