Shiba Inu Community Set to Benefit from Gaming Guild Project by PawZone

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Shytoshi Kusama, the leader of Shiba Inu, has expressed his admiration for the advancements in creating a gaming guild initiative for the Shibarium network. The team behind PawZone is responsible for launching the Shiba Inu gaming guild project, among other ventures on Shibarium.

According to Kusama, the idea of a gaming guild was one of the initial ideas formulated for the Shibarium network. He also appreciated the development team for their dedication to implementing the project instead of abandoning it.

JD, the founder of PawZone, expressed his appreciation to Kusama for the words of encouragement. He emphasized that his team’s plan is to release Pawzaar, their NFT marketplace, first before embarking on developing the Shiba Inu Gaming Guild.

Kusama’s praise was given during PawZone’s most recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, conducted yesterday. Before the AMA session, an extensive article that provided a more detailed understanding of PawZone’s initiatives was published on the ShibArmy media platform.

PawZone’s Plans

PawZone, established by JD, aims to create several initiatives for Shibarium that will offer functionalities for the Shiba Inu ecosystem. The Pawzaar NFT marketplace and the Shiba Inu Gaming Guild are among the most notable projects being developed.

PawZone has its digital currency, referred to as “PAW,” which will have its unique function. However, as of press time, the token has not been launched. The PAW token will act as a governance token that community DAO members can use to vote on proposals.

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PawZone plans to launch the Pawzaar NFT marketplace initially, enabling users to buy, sell, lease, and borrow NFTs and create their NFTs. The marketplace is expected to aid in Shiba Inu burns.

PawZone’s next venture is the release of the Shiba Inu Gaming Guild. This guild will enable members of the Shiba Inu community to borrow in-game assets and keep any profits they generate while playing blockchain games. Additionally, the guild will help in SHIB burns by directing some transactions to the burn address.

A crypto gaming guild usually refers to a group of Web3 games that offer in-game resources such as NFTs to players who cannot afford them, allowing them to play and earn cryptocurrency tokens. The guild’s members share these tokens, creating a community that profits financially from their shared interest in cryptocurrency and gaming.

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