Shiba Inu Community Questions Shytoshi’s Actions; Calls For Transparency

Shiba Inu Community Questions Shytoshi’s Actions; Calls For Transparency

Recently, some members of the SHIB Army have begun to question the actions of Shiba Inu’s lead developer. This is because the community members believe that the details of the Shiba Inu network’s roadmap, founders, and contributors are all kept secret. The network may suffer from the absence of a defined roadmap.

Even though Shytoshi Kusama often updates the community on the network’s development, some Shib Army members have criticized Kusama for concentrating on other issues rather than informing the community of significant results.

However, Kusama has received support from a member of the Shiba Inu ecosystem. The SHIB team moderator, Lucie, criticized the SHIB Army for pressuring Kusama to speak. She continued by comparing the lead developer and Sandeep Nailwal of Polygon, and Vitalkim Buterin of Ethereum.

Lucie also reminded the Shiba Inu community that the team had been open about the collaborations that had been going on. She continued, “Since then, me & the admins have been reporting on telegram and discord about partnership items being discussed behind the doors. Possible Shib branded Cold wallet, Bone, was listed on Houbi & We set up Shibarium spaces where we discussed everything happening in the Ecosystem. Not to mention the little updates on Discord about Shiboshis rewards or upcoming surprises…. “

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Shiba Inu Community Responds to Shytoshi’s Communication Style

Kusama’s Twitter bio appears to have perplexed the community, which is not surprising given the developer’s penchant for tweeting in this manner. He recently revised their Twitter bio to read: “It is easier to attack a castle when they have no moat.”

Many people turned to Twitter to figure out what Kusama’s latest bio update meant. One user commented, “The latest riddle of @ShytoshiKusama The castle that Shytoshi is referring to is #ShibaInu and the moat is Shibarium. Once Shibarium launches, it will serve as a layer of protection from fuders. Forget about the moon; Shiba will go passed the solar system.”

However, some Shiba Inu community members voiced their displeasure with Kusama’s communication approach, which they said was unnecessarily cryptic and concentrated on enticing “riddles” without offering concrete outcomes. These members demanded more transparency in place of what they perceived as hollow promises and specific updates.

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