Shiba Inu Advancements: NOWNodes Integrates SHIBTECH Bots with Shibarium RPC Full Node

Shiba Inu

In a significant move for the Shiba Inu community, NOWNodes, a prominent node provider, has unveiled an integration with Shibarium Technology Suite, SHIBTECH. This integration involves the incorporation of SHIBTECH bots with NOWNodes’ Shibarium remote procedure call (RPC) Full Node, marking a noteworthy step in automated decentralized finance (DeFi) tools.

The NOWNodes Integration Unleashes New Possibilities

According to the official announcement made by NOWNodes via a tweet, this integration heralds fresh possibilities for the Shibarium ecosystem, particularly in the realm of automated DeFi tools. NOWNodes has extended an invitation to the crypto community to explore the latest automated DeFi tools accessible through the Shibarium RPC node.

Acknowledging the continued growth of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, NOWNodes specifically credited SHIBTECH for its pivotal role in this expansion. Furthermore, the node provider provided insights into the functionalities of the newly integrated SHIBTECH bots with the Shibarium RPC node.

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The Versatile SHIBTECH Bot Suite

NOWNodes described SHIBTECH as a “Shibarium Multi-Bots” suite, emphasizing its multifaceted capabilities.

1. Sniper Bot: This feature empowers users to automate their trades with efficiency. NOWNodes highlighted its ability to facilitate the seamless bridging of BONE tokens from the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain to the Shibarium network.

2. Live Pairing Bot: Another notable component is that this tool keeps users informed about new tokens entering the Shibarium ecosystem.

3. Buy Bot: With this feature, users receive instant notifications when specific tokens of interest are purchased.

4. Trending Bot: Providing access to the ten hottest buy bot messages in an exclusive channel, this tool aids users in staying updated with market trends.

NOWNodes underscored the critical role of the Shibarium RPC node, describing it as a vital bridge that connects ledger data and requests from the Multi-Bots. This infrastructure plays a pivotal role in essential functions, such as the ETH-SHIB Bridge and automated trading.

As part of its commitment to showcasing its infrastructure’s capabilities, NOWNodes introduced a new series called NOWCaseStudy. In this ongoing series, the company intends to spotlight prominent DeFi and Web3 projects that leverage the infrastructure provided by NOWNodes. This initiative aims to highlight the significance and versatility of NOWNodes’ services in the broader crypto ecosystem.

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