Shiba Inu Admin Disassociates from Certain NFT Projects

Shiba Inu Admin Disassociates from Certain NFT Projects

Ragnar Shib, a prominent Shiba Inu community member and Telegram group admin, has actively voiced out against affiliations with specific NFT projects bearing his name. He took to X to alert the community about the potential surge of fraudulent projects on Shibarium. Ragnar urges the SHIB community to diligently research and acknowledges that he has no ties to some of these mentioned projects.

Shiba Inu Team Bolsters Community Safeguard Measures

In line with Ragnar’s revelation, the Shiba Inu team consistently advises the community on safe navigation through its rapidly evolving ecosystem. Ragnar emphasizes that while anyone can develop applications on Shibarium due to its open nature, vigilance remains paramount.

To emphasize this commitment to safety, the Shib team has intensified its campaign, cautioning its community about hackers and potential bugs on platforms associated with Shibarium. Earlier, Fxcryptonews reported Shiba Inu’s lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, raising the alarm about counterfeit tokens in the ecosystem.

Specifically, Kusama urged users against buying BONE and LEASH on PuppyNet, Shibarium’s testnet, before its official launch on the mainnet. He stressed that PuppyNet tokens aren’t genuine and emphasized the importance of thorough checks by all community members.

Guiding Users Beyond Scam Alerts

Apart from shielding the Shiba Inu community from scams, the core team prioritizes responsible use of Shibarium. Recently, Marketing strategist Lucie Shibarium proposed a method to burn SHIB tokens. Instead of burning SHIB directly on Shibarium, Lucie suggests transferring the SHIB back to Ethereum first. Then, send the tokens intended for burning to the assigned dead wallet.

This approach not only addresses current debates but ensures only genuine SHIB reaches the dead wallet.
One clear takeaway from Shiba Inu’s journey is the team’s unwavering stance against malicious players, fostering a heightened sense of safety awareness within the community.

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