Shiba Eternity to Integrate With MetaMask; Hints Kusama

Shiba Eternity to Integrate With MetaMask; Hints Kusama

While the community is still awaiting the release of Shibarium, it is still being determined when the blockchain version of the card collection game Shiba Eternity will go live.

Lead developer for Shiba Inu Shytoshi Kusama has made people aware of a new MetaMask function that will let players interact with Web 3-enabled features right from their wallet.

Kusama did this by citing a MetaMask post in a tweet from yesterday. 

Connecting games to the cryptocurrency wallet is now possible, according to MetaMask, who announced that Unity had added the MetaMask Software Development Kit (SDK) to its Asset store. 

Significantly, ConsenSys, the company that created the crypto wallet, announced yesterday’s successful listing.

The crypto wallet claims that the gaming industry will be introduced to Web 3 values and self-custody capabilities by being listed. 

As a result, it has also introduced a program for game developers who are early adopters, offering rewards of $100,000 to those who want to switch to Web 3. 

The “Sidequest” program will address the following three themes:

  • Using NFTs to enhance gameplay
  • NFT avatars and on-chain identification are redefining in-game identity.
  • Ownership in in-game economies

Shiba Eternity to Run on Shibarium

It is noteworthy that Shiba Eternity, a mobile card collection game, was released by the Shiba Inu ecosystem last year. 

Developers are working on a blockchain version of the game that will run on Shibarium, the ecosystem’s proposed Layer 2 protocol, as was mentioned in earlier publications.

Kusama may be teasing the possibility of a future game integration with the well-known cryptocurrency wallet by calling attention to the most recent MetaMask release, which might help to increase usage. 

With more than 30 million monthly users, MetaMask is the most widely used Ethereum cryptocurrency wallet.

Although Kusama confirmed that the beta version might have launched last week, the Shibarium protocol has yet to launch, making it unclear when such an integration would be feasible.

The game’s mobile version is still being improved, and updates are delivered virtually monthly. 

It has received over 250k downloads and has ratings of 4.8 and 4.7 stars on iOS and Android, respectively.

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