Shiba Eternity Details And Shibarium Role Revealed By Shiba Inu Lead Developer

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu’s lead developer Shytoshi Kusama revealed new details about how profits from the Shiba Eternity game will be used and the role of Shibarium in a series of messages shared on Twitter on Sunday by Lucie Sasnkovรก, AKA GossipSHIB.

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According to the fictitious developer, a portion of the profits will be invested to benefit the community in the long run. As part of his initiative, he plans to donate part of it to non-profit organizations supporting good causes without any expectation of compensation. Even though the developer doesn’t specify the percentages, he states that at least 45% of the game’s profits will go to these projects.

However, Kusama claims that the remaining 50% of proceeds will be used in a “trade secret” to ensure that the game performs well against the competition.

Notably, the community will use Doggy Dao to vote for startups that they want the network to invest in, implying that Bone will be used to vote.

The Role Of Shibarium

Meanwhile, Kusama mentions that Shiboshi holders can lease their Shiboshi to players of the blockchain version of the game to earn rewards. Furthermore, Shiboshi holders who are unable to lease their holdings will receive consolation prizes.

All of this, according to Kusama, will be powered by Shibarium.

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Revealed: Game Lore

It’s worth noting that Kusama has finally revealed the story behind the card collection game. It is notable for including stories about interplanetary battles and evolutionary species.

Furthermore, the developer stated, as GossipSHIB did in a separate tweet, that the game is open-ended. As a result, as the game evolves, developers can always add new features.

Shiba Eternityโ€™s Performance So Far

Notably, the Shiba Inu card collection game has only been released in three countries so far (Vietnam, Indonesia, and Australia). It has, however, received a rating of 4.9 out of 5.

As The Crypto Basic reported at the end of last month, the game’s new launch date is now October 6, just three days away. Kusama continues to plead the community to download the game in large numbers on launch day.

Meanwhile, Shibariumโ€™s public beta testnet should be functional now, as per a September report.

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