SHIB Tokens Burn Soars: Community Pushes for Greater Value

SHIB Tokens Burn Soars: Community Pushes for Greater Value

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) burn rate has surged by 1611.81% in the last 24 hours, with 17,695,347 SHIB tokens permanently removed from circulation in four transactions, according to Shibburn. This dramatic increase in burn rate highlights the community’s efforts to reduce the circulating supply and potentially boost the token’s value.

Recent Burn Transactions

Interestingly, the recent burns occurred in large bursts rather than being evenly spread out. Significant transactions included 21,391 SHIB, 5,552,834 SHIB, 186,957 SHIB, 4,177,779 SHIB, and 7,777,777 SHIB. Additionally, smaller transactions from 121 SHIB to 36,701 SHIB were recorded the previous day, along with burns of 400,000 SHIB and 430,000 SHIB two days ago.

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Currently, Shiba Inu’s supply dynamics show that 410,727,419,469,324 SHIB tokens have been destroyed since inception. With a maximum total supply of 999,982,350,073,171 SHIB, the current supply stands at 589,272,580,530,675 SHIB. Out of this total, 583,336,986,744,435 SHIB circulate, while holders have staked 5,935,593,786,239 SHIB (xSHIB). These figures emphasize ongoing efforts to reduce the circulating supply and potentially increase the token’s value.

Future Possibilities 

The surge in the burn rate follows an exciting update from Lucie, the Shiba Inu ecosystem’s marketing specialist. She hinted at a potential collaboration with Shibacals, a project focused on using blockchain to authenticate physical collectibles. This announcement has generated positive enthusiasm among community members, eager to see if this collaboration will lead to burning millions or even trillions of SHIB tokens.

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Moreover, a July 1st report from Shibburn revealed that the Shiba Inu community incinerated over 900 million SHIB tokens in June 2024. Specifically, the community burned 918,079,655 SHIB tokens across 237 transactions worth $15,901 at the current exchange rate. Notably, a single transaction on June 11 burned over 225 million SHIB, and another on June 13 burned 100 million SHIB. These efforts underscore the community’s commitment to reducing the circulating supply and enhancing the token’s value.

The Shiba Inu community is also calling on Binance and Coinbase to burn SHIB. This collective effort reflects the strong community involvement in supporting the token’s value by reducing its supply. The recent surge in the burn rate and the community’s ongoing dedication highlight the potential for future growth and value increase for Shiba Inu.

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