Shib Metaverse & $Golden Marketplace, The Doggone Future

Golden Inu Gets The Best of Shba Inu This Month [March 2023]

The future of the web3 metaverse and cryptocurrency eCommerce is here. Binance’s BNB-Chain and Ethereum blockchain will fuel a large part of its innovation.   At least, that’s if their two dogs in the fight can materialize their visions. ERC20 token Shiba Inu has previewed Shiba The Metaverse, a virtual reality realm for web3. And the bep20 token, Golden Inu, has previewed phase 1 of their $Golden Marketplace, for crypto e-commerce.

Shib The Metaverse

According to a report at Crypto-News-Flash,  Shiba Inu’s developers previewed a fullscreen preview of their upcoming Metaverse project.    This was done at South by Southwest [SXSW] in Austin, Texas in the 2nd week of March.

There is no exact release date for the web3 project, but the crypto brand’s team reports it will revolutionize the way everyone views the world wide web.  Currently selling virtual land plots in Shib the Metaverse via, the Shibarium website.

The price of eLand plots varies between US$354 and US$883.   The lower-tier lands are in more obscure locations while the higher-priced plots are in commercialized virtual zones.   A comparison may be living in the New Jersey border areas of NY vs living in New York City itself.

The Shibarium platform will be used to fuel the activities within this metaverse if it materializes.   Each transaction within STM will burn $SHIB tokens. In theory, this will decrease the circulating Shiba Inu supply dramatically and traders hope it will raise the crypto’s value back to its past ATH and beyond.

However, this very ambitious project could take years to materialize.   And until it’s launched, spectators can only wait.

For bep20 token holders, however, perhaps there’s an innovation that will come sooner.

Golden Dashboard’s Marketplace

Golden Inu Token, a crypto that’s just been ranked the Best Cryptocurrency To Buy [March 2023] by,  has a simpler ‘step-by-step’ approach to revolutionizing the eCommerce world. It is creating an extension to its web3 app that will allow the trading of cryptos for goods and services.

Via Twitter yesterday, the new cryptocurrency announced its token data simplifying app, $Golden Dashboard, which will evolve into the ‘Amazon for cryptocurrency users.’

And adding to that quick message today, the digital currency’s founder tweeted went further on the topic.

“Amazon began as a bookstore. One step at a time, you can build out a grand marketplace. That’s what we think ” tweeted the KYC-verified creator who goes by the pseudonym Takeishi.

The message appears to be referring to Amazon’s early business model of simplicity. Jeff Bezos founded his eCommerce site as a bookstore. Through 3 decades it evolved into what it is today.<

A layman’s version of Takeishi’s statement is that the ‘Golden Marketplace’ will start as a simple web3 platform and develop with time.  Instead of needing a whole metaverse, the coming Dashboard application will evolve into a full marketplace as user data becomes available.

Both the Dashboard and Marketplace will require $Golden tokens.  Unlike Shiba Inu, the coin brand wants to stick with a single token for its entire process.

The $Golden Dashboard, phase 1 of the project, will be released before April 15th.

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