SHIB Marketing Lead Challenges Critics

SHIB Marketing Lead Challenges Critics

The marketing lead of the Shiba Inu team, Lucie, issued a call to action within the SHIB community, addressing critics of the SHIB team and their major projects—SHIB and the layer-2 solution Shibarium. Lucie challenged those who criticize the team to take initiative and demonstrate their abilities instead of merely voicing negativity. She emphasized that the decentralized nature of blockchain allows anyone to contribute, urging the community to “be the best SHIB and succeed.”

Emphasizing Decentralization And Shared Responsibility

Lucie reminded the community that Shibarium, like the broader ecosystem, has no single owner. This decentralized approach offers everyone the freedom to participate and make a difference. 

Addressing the slow process of burning SHIB tokens, which has been a point of contention, Lucie reiterated that burning SHIB through Shibarium is a collective responsibility. Increased on-chain activity will lead to more tokens being burned, she noted. In other news, the official Shiba Inu token account on X reported that a dormant “diamond holder” sold nearly 50 billion SHIB. 

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This investor initially bought the tokens on February 1, 2021, for 2 ETH (worth $2,625 at the time). After holding these tokens for 3.5 years, the investor sold them for 278.1 ETH, valued at $1.1 million. This transaction yielded a significant 419x profit.

Significant Increase In SHIB Burns

Meanwhile, the Shibburn tracker reported a 79% increase in the SHIB burn rate over the last 24 hours. During this period, 5,573,534 tokens were moved to unspendable blockchain wallets. 

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This increase highlights the community’s efforts to reduce the circulation of its supply, aiming to increase its value.Lucie’s message to the community stresses the importance of proactive participation and shared responsibility within the decentralized ecosystem. 

While significant transactions and increased burn rates show active engagement, we encourage the community to continue contributing positively to the ecosystem.

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