SHIB Army to Earn LEASH and 85M SHIB with Updated Staking

Shiba Inu

Lucie, the marketing lead of Shiba Inu, has utilised the Twitter/X platform to communicate with the SHIB army. She shared an opportunity for them to earn SHIB or LEASH tokens.

Lucie mentioned that nearly ninety million Shiba Inu tokens will be distributed in the upcoming months, along with a few LEASH tokens. This will provide the community with an opportunity to earn rewards.

Community to Receive Millions of Tokens 

In a recent tweet by Lucie, she announced that the ShibaPunkz app for staking has undergone an update. Stakers will be eligible to receive 2 LEASH tokens and 85,000,000 Shiba Inu coins over the next four months. is a decentralised application (dapp) where users can stake Shiba Inu-themed non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from the ShibaPunkz NFT collection. ShibaPunkz was launched on the Shibarium blockchain. 

Furthermore, as Lucie revealed, users will now also have the opportunity to earn Shibarium rewards tokens, LEASH, and SHIB.

SHIB Burn Rate Experiences Sharp Decline

The latest update from the Shibburn tracker indicates a downturn in efforts to reduce the circulating supply. In the past 24 hours, the Shiba Inu community burned only 2,465,619 meme coins, resulting in a significant 52.62% decrease in the overall burn rate.

Among the five burn transactions recorded, the largest involved transferring 1,571,812 SHIB to a dead-end blockchain address. The smallest transfer was for less than one SHIB token. This comes after a notable surge in the burn rate by 2,274% on the previous Friday.

SHIB Reclaims Burned Value as Price Adds Back Zero

Over the past few days, the second-largest meme-based cryptocurrency, SHIB, witnessed an 11% decline in market value. The initial drop of 14% on Wednesday was linked to Bitcoin’s downturn following an article from Matrixport predicting likely SEC rejections of multiple Bitcoin spot ETF filings.

Although Shiba Inu experienced a 10% increase on Friday in an attempt to recover, a subsequent 6% decline brought the price back to the initial Wednesday levels.

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