Ripple’s XRP Markets Update Provides Insight into SEC Legal Battle

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Ripple has released their latest report on the XRP markets, which offers its perspectives on the current state of the cryptocurrency markets. This report is published on a regular basis.

The report contains details about Ripple’s XRP sales for the quarter, along with relevant updates on the XRP Ledger and any announcements related to XRP. It also offers insights and opinions on the developments in the cryptocurrency markets that occurred during the previous quarter.

In the last year, both parties submitted their final arguments in the form of briefs requesting a summary judgment, and now they are waiting for the judge to decide.

While waiting for the ruling, Ripple has provided updates on the events that have occurred this year. These updates have been shared despite the expectation that a decision will be made soon.

On March 6th, the court released an order that spanned 57 pages, which outlined which expert opinions from both the SEC and Ripple would be considered in the summary judgment process (and potentially during the trial), as well as which opinions would be disregarded (“stricken”).

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The testimony of the SEC expert addressing the “reasonable expectations of an XRP purchaser” and the SEC expert’s attempt to ascertain what “caused” the price of XRP to change was specifically struck from the record. Ripple says it anticipates a summary judgment decision in 2023, though the timing is ultimately up to the court.

Ripple has stated that it expects the court to make a summary judgment decision in 2023, but the final decision on the timing of the judgment is in the hands of the court.

Ripple’s CBDC Initiative Gains Momentum With Montenegro Partnership

Anthony Welfare, who is an advisor for Ripple’s CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) initiative, shared on Twitter that Ripple has started collaborating with the Central Bank of Montenegro on their CBDC project. 

He also posted a picture of himself with Montenegro officials and expressed his excitement to work with them. He said: “What a great kickoff for the Ripple CBDC team with the Central Bank of Montenegro. Great to be working with such a great team and country.”

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