Ripple vs SEC: Court Denies Ripple’s Motion to Access to the SEC Staff’s Trade History

Ripple vs SEC: Court Denies Ripple's Motion to Access to the SEC Staff's Trade History

Ripple war with the SEC is the most talked-about court case in the crypto space. Ripple’s request to obtain the trade history of SEC’s employees was denied by the court

SEC’s Employees Trade-Related to Bitcoin, Ether, and XRP

In the document released today according to Court, the judge dismissed Ripple’s request to obtain transaction history from SEC officials. The company seeks to find trade related to Bitcoin, Ether, and XRP holdings.

Judge Sarah Netburn also rejected the request that included the improvement of the SEC’s trading policy. Ripple believes that individual transaction decisions will at least expose the ambiguity of the status of XRP.  

The major of Ripple is to invalidate the SEC’s lawsuit against it. Ripple firmly denies any wrongdoing, even though the regulators keep accusing it of illegal sales of XRP. The judge also rejected the SEC’s motion to stop giving testimony on the case.

But the regulator has not backed down in the most spectacular lawsuit to date. As one of the most popular tokens on the market, any negative development can significantly impact. Ripple is popular around the world and works with many banks around the world to develop remittance solutions.

Ripple Confident on its IPO

Ripple is confident enough that an IPO is expected. It does not intend to do so until after the US regulator case is closed, hopefully before the end of this year, or the lawsuit should remain unsuccessful, and the company could face heavy fines.

As the case unfolds, Ripple has continued to strengthen Its overseas existence, which has seen a high inflow of institutional investors. There have also experienced a lot of partnerships from big companies 

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