Ripple Supporter Claims Sources Are Saying Ripple’s Requirements Will Soon Be Met

Ripple Supporter Claims Sources Are Saying Ripple's Requirements Will Soon Be Met

Popular cryptocurrency YouTube anchor Ben Armstrong, alias “BitBoy”, is convinced that the process between the US Securities and Exchange Commission and Ripple will soon be over.

XRP to See a Massive Breakthrough Due to the Quick Settlement Reached By the SEC and Ripple

The cryptocurrency influencer told Fox Business earlier this week that the price of XRP will see a massive breakthrough due to the quick settlement reached by the SEC and Ripple. He claimed that his “sources” are all saying that Ripple’s requirements will soon be met.

He believes that XRP will become the most explosive token in the coming months. He also mentioned that XRP is no longer considered a security and any suppression of the bull market due to litigation will end.

BitBoy previously stated that the case is moving rapidly based on his observations. He also doesn’t think the fact that Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong recently spoke about Ripple is a coincidence, and he firmly believes that Coinbase will be listing XRP again soon, resulting in a significant price breakthrough.

At the same time, the lawsuit has always tended to endorse Ripple. Ripple’s legal team previously stated that it was not considering a settlement in this case, but Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse revealed some of the conditions under which they might consider settling. According to Garlinghouse, Ripple is asking the SEC to clearly define the regulatory status of XRP.

Judge Sarah Netburn Last Ruling in Support of Ripple’s Request

In the most recent ruling on the case, Judge Sarah Netburn decided in support of Ripple’s request to provide evidence for on-camera review that could prove the SEC has been skewed.

Ripple has also achieved several victories because Judge Netburn in the previous decision forced the SEC to respond to many of Ripple’s inquiries, and the committee has consistently refused to respond. Remember, the court recently ruled that attorney John Deaton and members of the XRP Army should be granted amicus curiae status.

While Bitboy is very optimistic, not all Ripple supporters are hoping to reach an agreement this year. Always a key figure in the XRP community, attorney Jeremy Hogan said the case may not end until next March if no agreement is reached.

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