Ripple Secures Coveted ‘Most Prestigious’ Payment Award in the UK


Ripple, a prominent blockchain payments company, clinched a prestigious accolade at the recent PAY360 Awards ceremony held in the United Kingdom. The award specifically lauded Ripple for its exceptional utilization of digital currencies and assets within the financial services sector.

Sendi Young, the Managing Director of Ripple’s European operations, expressed gratitude for the recognition. She highlighted the importance of the PAY360 Award, hailing it as the highest honor in the UK’s payment industry. She extended her heartfelt congratulations to the dedicated team at Ripple for their well-deserved victory.

The most recent PAY360 Awards marked the event’s 16th installment, bringing together top executives from nearly 950 firms within the UK’s payment industry. This year, with the support of payment giant Mastercard, the awards garnered over 300 nominations spanning various categories.

Ripple truly shone in the blockchain category, sharing the spotlight with Fireblocks, which earned recognition as the top blockchain infrastructure provider. Meanwhile, Visa garnered acclaim for offering the best solution in financial crime prevention, and the award for the leading financial inclusion payments initiative was bestowed upon the Yemen-based Al-Amal Microfinance Bank (AMB).

Earning the PAY360 Award carries a valuable perk: it grants access to an extensive marketing campaign, specifically targeting a quarter of a million payment professionals. With this advantage in mind, Ripple aims to leverage the opportunity to introduce its technology to other prominent figures in the payments sector and, consequently, cultivate significant partnerships.

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Rippleā€™s Impressive Winning Streak

Ripple’s recent triumph at the PAY360 awards is part of a series of victories both in the legal arena and beyond. Just this week, U.S. District Court Judge Analisa Torres delivered a ruling in favor of Ripple by rejecting an interlocutory appeal from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in an ongoing lawsuit.

Furthermore, Fxcryptonews reported today that Ripple secured two accolades at the Future Digital Awards for Fintech and Payments in 2023. These awards recognized Ripple’s substantial contributions to the global payments sector, particularly in the realm of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

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