Ripple President Discusses How RLUSD Will Complement XRP

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Ripple President Monica Long recently broke her silence about the highly anticipated Ripple stablecoin, RLUSD, and its implications for XRP. During the Scoop podcast, Long shared insights into the new stablecoin’s integration with the XRP ecosystem. She emphasized that RLUSD, set to launch soon, is designed to “complement” XRP, particularly in enabling efficient cross-border flows.

Complementing XRP, Not Replacing It

Transitioning smoothly into this new phase, Long reassured the community that XRP will continue to play a central role in Ripple’s payment solutions. The introduction of RLUSD aims to complement, rather than replace, the use of XRP. This strategic move suggests that Ripple intends to use RLUSD to boost XRP usage, potentially attracting more users to the XRP Ledger.

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In April, Ripple announced the introduction of a U.S. dollar stablecoin, marking its debut in the $150 billion stablecoin market. Ripple’s new stablecoin is set to play a crucial role in its On-Demand Liquidity offering. This offering aims to quickly settle transactions between banks and financial institutions using the XRP token as a “bridge” currency. The RLUSD ticker announcement at the XRPL apex event in June sparked speculation about its integration into Ripple’s ecosystem and its impact on XRP.

Addressing Community Concerns

The crypto community raised concerns about whether the stablecoin would replace XRP in cross-border transfers. Long’s recent comments put these speculations to rest, aligning with Ripple’s previous assurances. Ripple has not abandoned XRP as a payment token; instead, stablecoins like RLUSD will serve as complementary products within the XRP ecosystem.

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The launch of RLUSD represents a strategic enhancement to Ripple’s existing offerings. By complementing XRP, RLUSD aims to facilitate efficient cross-border flows while reinforcing the central role of XRP in Ripple’s payment solutions. 

This approach is likely to attract more users to the XRP Ledger, solidifying its position in the market.

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