Ripple Partner Airwallex Unicorn Introduces Online Card Payment Solution in Australia

Ripple's XRP Seeing Double-digit Growth as the Company Expands its Presence in Asia

Airwallex, one of Australia’s three largest unicorn companies (a company valued at more than $1 billion), is launching an online card payment platform in Australia, according to Paypers.

After entering into a partnership with fintech giant Ripple in 2017, it uses RippleNet.

Airwallex’s Online Payment Solution Via Visa and MasterCard

According to U. Today, the company first launched its solutions in the UK and Europe last year.

Airwallex then moved to Hong Kong in 2021. Now the company has expanded its scope and started operations in Australia to offer new online payment solutions to local customers.

With the company’s new solution, small and medium-sized businesses and, as well as large companies, can easily collect online payments via Visa and Mastercard bank cards from customers around the world.

Airwallex raises $160 million

In April 2020, when the pandemic began to spread worldwide, forcing countries to implement blockades and increase the importance of convenient and reliable online payments, Airwallex managed to raise funds from several investors such as ANZ, Salesforce and the  Chinese giant Tencent A. an incredible$160 millions to raise.

This round of funding came after the company opened new offices in key locations such as Tokyo, Dubai and Bangalore a year ago.

Airwallex plans to use the $160 million raised to accelerate its expansion in Europe and the US and to open up new markets. According to the report, the idea of ​​spending investments involves possible acquisitions in the payments industry.

Ripple Client dLocal IPO Raised $617 Million

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the importance of digital payments has risen sharply and several payment platforms, including those that run on RippleNet, have started to expand and use developing countries like Latin America and Africa.

The Ripple client dLocal is one of the payment platforms operating and thriving in these regions. The company recently went public in the United States and raised more than $ 617 million.

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