Ripple CTO Slams European Commission Over Israel-Hamas war

Ripple CTO Slams EU Over Israel-Hamas war

CTO of Ripple Labs -David Schwartz, recently slammed the European Commission over its investigation of Israel-Hamas war content on the X (formerly twitter).

EU Investigation Into Israel-Hamas War

Oct. 10, X (formerly Twitter) spread illegal content and disinformation about the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, according to the European Commission.

The commission emphasized that the Digital Services Act (DSA) requires social media platforms to curb illegal content or face EU bans and fines of up to 6% of their revenue.

The commission urged Musk to promote transparency on X to reduce the spread of illegal content regarding the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. It also insisted that the billionaire promptly and diligently remove illegal content when necessary.

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Ripple CTO Response

Notably, the development did not sit well with Ripple’s CTO, who took to social media to react. Schwartz pointed out that the US is fortunate to have the “First Amendment” prevent such a development from happening in the country.

According to Schwartz, the European Union wants the X owner to figure out “problematic disinformation” all by himself and silence it.

Further replying, he said “If you think there are equally police disinformation on any side, I have a bridge to sell you,”.

According to him, he does not believe that the bloc “polices disinformation” on any other platform other than X.

Elon Musk Considerations 

In the wake of the Israel-Hamas conflict, various social media platforms, including X, have been filled with misinformation about the war. Bad actors have shared content from other conflicts while claiming the footage is from the Israel-Hamas war.

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However, Linda Yaccarino, X’s chief executive, claimed the social network has been tackling the spread of this disinformation by removing over 100 Hamas-linked accounts and related videos.

Notably, various news outlets have reported Musk’s consideration of taking the social media platform out of the EU over the region’s internet platform regulations. 

Meanwhile, as all the above continues, the war between Hamas and Israel has continued to linger since Oct. 7. According to the UN, the war has claimed the lives of over 3,000 Palestinians and over 1,300 Israelis. Furthermore, the United Nations reported that it has also lost at least 14 UN employees to the war.

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