Ripple and Bitstamp exchange 130 Million XRP on the ODL platform

SBI CEO: Ripple to Go Public After the SEC Lawsuit

Ripple and Bitstamp, have exchanged 130 million XRP tokens, which equates to $79,202,143 with each other in the past 17 hours. This is according to data shared by the popular Whale Alert Cryptocurrency Tracker on Twitter.

Ripple exchange XRP with Bitstamp

The tracking service detected a total of four XRP transactions. Two transactions from Ripple’s company wallet and other two transactions from Bitstamp exchange wallet.

Luxembourg-based Bitstamp exchange transferred nearly $100 million to one of Ripple’s wallets in two transactions. Bitstamp is one of the platforms for Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity Products (ODL) and operates the XRP/EUR-ODL channel.

The Ripple transaction, two of them had 30 million XRP between Ripple wallets because the company most likely paid out that cryptocurrency.

XRP target February high of $0.75 per coin

According to data from CoinMarketCap, XRP is still in the top 6, so far the token has successfully risen to the $0.6 level, showing slow growth and trying to regain the high of $0.75 on February 1st.

XRP image. Source: CoinMarketCap

Although the US Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against XRP and its two CEOs (current and former CEOs) on December 21, the price of XRP has gone up.

Cross-Border P2P Payment Solution

The cross-border p2p payment solution will enable transfers to Vietnam from the USA, Great Britain, and 18 European countries. To initiate this payment solution, MoneyGram and Visa have partnered with Sacombank and several other major banks in Vietnam to seamlessly accept funds connected to their customers through Visa Direct.

Customers can use the MoneyGram mobile application or the company’s website to send their money to anyone with a Vietnam Visa card. This is not the first time MoneyGram has worked with Visa. Previously, MoneyGram opened a payment corridor from the US and launched a new FastSend payment service supported by Visa Direct.

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