Quidax exchange lists BNB and Dogecoin

Quidax exchange lists BNB and Dogecoin

African-based exchange Quidax, has listed Binance exchange token BNB and popular meme token Dogecoin. The listing occurred between June 3 and June 4. This development is a significant milestone for the exchange, which recently completed its token sale in May. 

Home of BEP20 tokens 

The listing of BNB and Dogecoin had been anticipated and represented a major switch for Quidax. In May, the exchange had revealed that it was switching its strategy towards becoming the global home of BEP20 tokens. 

Subsequently, Quidax embarked on the public sale of its native exchange QDX, which sold out within 48 hours. The hype surrounding QDX continued to intensify following reports that Quidax would be listing over 100 tokens in the coming months. 

QDX was the first to be listed, last week with BNB and Dogecoin following suit. These listings will increase the exchange liquidity, making it well-positioned to become one of the leading players in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. 

More developments expected in June 

The listing of BNB and Dogecoin represents the first of many developments expected in June. The highly-awaited QDX Vault will be launched sometime in June and will be the first product built since the transition towards Binance Smart Chain. The QDX Vault will allow users to stake QDX and earn airdrops and rewards in return. 

Quidax also plans to distribute an airdrop for token holders that bought QDX on Julpad and Quidax exchange. At the same time, the listing of popular meme token Shiba INU is expected to occur before the end of the month. 

Quidax is regarded as one of the major market shareholders in Africa and revealed that it had processed over $3billion worth of transactions since it began operations in 2018. In addition, the exchange has recently embarked on a few partnerships with Nigerian-based real estate firm RentSmallSmall and blockchain analytical platform Chainalysis. 

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