Prominent Trader Hails Shiba Inu as ‘Best Play of His Life’ with 90,000% Profits

Prominent Trader Hails Shiba Inu as 'Best Play of His Life' with 90,000% Profits

A prominent figure in the crypto community is shining a spotlight on his remarkable success with Shiba Inu, revealing an extraordinary 90,000% gain on his investment.

Shib Investor’s Journey: 90,000% Gain

In a recent tweet, Blackbeard revisited a 2021 post in which he shared details of a Shiba Inu trade he had undertaken. In this tweet, he disclosed that his foray into Shiba Inu, while considered a risky move, resulted in an astonishing 64,000% profit from his initial entry point.

Furthermore, Blackbeard mentioned in his Thursday tweet that his Shiba Inu portfolio had seen even more substantial growth at one point, surging to an impressive 90,000%. With pride, he declared that his early involvement with Shiba Inu represents the most lucrative venture he has ever undertaken in the world of sensational cryptocurrencies.

In his own words: “I don’t care if you hate memes, but this was the best play of my life. SHIB.”

Notably, Blackbeard did not disclose whether he currently holds Shiba Inu or the percentage gains he has achieved to date. In his initial post, Shiba Inu had just four leading zeros, marking a significant milestone in its value. However, since then, Shiba Inu has shed two more leading zeros, with its price now standing at $0.000007729.

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Despite this, Blackbeard’s post piqued the interest of Shiba Inu enthusiasts, leaving them curious about his early discovery and investment in this digital asset. Some expressed a keen interest in understanding how he came across Shiba Inu during its early days of launch.

In response to the barrage of inquiries, Blackbeard has penned an extensive thread outlining the methods for identifying crypto narratives and trends in their nascent stages.

Meanwhile, other crypto enthusiasts expressed regret for not entering the Shiba Inu market despite having been aware of it earlier.

Other Fortunate Shiba Inu Investors

Blackbeard is just one of the esteemed investors who have been handsomely rewarded by Shiba Inu. Fxcryptonews recently revealed the story of an investor who raked in an astonishing $5.7 billion from their Shiba Inu holdings.

Conversely, there is the unfortunate case of an individual who forfeited a potential multi-million dollar fortune by divesting their Shiba Inu holdings much earlier in the game.

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