Pro-XRP Lawyer Gives Surprising Revelation about Ethereum, Talks about XRP Ledger


Pro-XRP Lawyer, John Deaton, eventually made his “big announcement” on September 22 after days of building up expectations. His announcement was heavily focused on the ETH Gate, as some would have guessed.

Pro-XRP Lawyer: Revelations about ETH ICO

Deaton announced that he had three announcements to make in a broadcast on his X (previously Twitter) platform. The first announcement was concerning the anomalies with the Ethereum ICO (Initial Coin Offering). 

He claimed to have been in touch with Steven Nerayoff, a well-known “OG” in the crypto space who has been around for a while and participated in Ethereum’s ICO. He claims that Nerayoff showed him some of the “receipts,” which let him understand why Nerayoff believes he was targeted. 

The pro-XRP lawyer pointed out that the attorney-client privilege protects the communication and all he has seen. Based on this, he was limited in what he could say. However, he did draw some conclusions from what he had heard and witnessed.

More Revelations: What is Deaton’s Stance?

Furthermore, he claims that some of those who distanced themselves from Nerayoff following his indictment aren’t being completely truthful. However, he decided not to name any individuals. 

Also, he added that if the SEC’s case against the creators of Ripple went to trial, Bill Himman’s cross-examination would be of “epic proportions.” He even made the “free of charge” offer to join the Ripple legal team and take on the task of conducting that particular cross-examination. Himman is thought to have been at the center of the entire “regulatory pass” that Ethereum may have received from the SEC. 

Meanwhile, Deaton asserted that he is convinced Nerayoff will appear on Crypto Law when he is “ready” to divulge the details of everything that transpired between the SEC and Ethereum. Deaton is positive that the truth will come out and “we are getting closer” to it even if he is unsure of whether or not people will be held accountable (since the statute of limitations may apply to some charges).

Nerayoff tweeted that he agrees with Deaton’s broadcast and is forward to see “the real truth coming out.” As a response, Deaton said that he was inviting Nerayoff, Vitalik Buterin, and Joseph Lubin—the two creators of Ethereum—to appear live so that “nothing can be cut or manipulated, and we will get to the truth.”

Two Additional Announcements

Deaton had something to say regarding the XRP Ledger, just as he had hinted before the major release. He disclosed that he would be an angel investor for the SpendTheBits group. A cryptocurrency mobile payment application called SpendTheBits was created using the XRP Ledger. Deaton declared that he is thrilled to be a part of what the founders are constructing. 

The third statement concerned his Memoir, which he was finally publishing after four years of writing. In the book “Food Stamp Warrior,” topics like poverty, violence, drugs, sex, addiction, abuse, and race are covered. Deaton added that he talked about the “clown regulators” at the SEC in the book. 

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