PrimeFin review 2021: Benefits of the best broker 

PrimeFin review 2021: Benefits of the best broker 

If you are looking for a trading speed, excellent trading environment, exceptional tools, charts, and several indicators, PrimeFin is the best catch. The brokerage firm keeps up with the latest dynamics of the market and ensures people earn maximum profits.

The broker opens the doors to more than ten thousand markets for trading on a plethora of instruments. Clients get non-stop control on tracking and bidding. The instant process and quick registration are some of its USPs. The PrimeFin review entails the details. 

What is PrimeFin?

PrimeFin is a burgeoning online trading portal. Caps Solutions Ltd is the company that operates the broker. The company follows the Labuan laws and is licensed and regulated by LFSA. It is a reputed regulatory authority. The brokerage firm provides technical superiority and a user-friendly interface to subscribers. Moreover, it gives high-quality access to the responsibility of trading processes. Furthermore, the broker renders ultra-modern technologies and professional tech solutions to traders from different regions. 

The CFD provider broker enables all market players to enter the international market and trade freely. Also, the broker is a digital sponsor of the Argentina National Football team, which is an honour and speaks about the brokerage company’s credibility. The broker is readily supportive with its dedicated customer support that functions 24/5 for users. 

Additionally, the payment transaction and bidding process on the broker are seamless. Therefore, it approaches simple methods for entering the market. 

Options and Features 

For lightning-fast and highly responsive CFD trading, the broker offers three exemplary trading accounts that accustom all the needs of users. They support the global financial markets’ dynamics. These trading accounts are the best fit for your expertise, trading skills, strategies and ambitions. Moreover, they are tailor-made and easily customisable for different traders. 

A trader gets an opportunity to trade with decent leverage with irresistible trading speed. The three types of accounts are:- 

  • Silver Account
  • Gold Account 
  • Platinum Account 

These accounts have myriad utilities serving the requirement of traders as per their experiences. 

SIlver Account 

There’s no better account than the Silver for any trader who has entered the financial market for the first time or wants to test how it behaves in trading. In addition, the options for trading are suitable for novice clients. Here, they can experiment with their strategies, bids and apply various ideas to see their end results. Thus, the account features a terrific learning experience. 

The account has a hedging feature that helps navigate a client when the market does not perform as expected. Thus, more assets can be purchased at lower rates. In addition, it reveals the holistic approach with CFD trading on more than 350 assets. That’s one of the biggest advantages of traders. Moreover, it is powered by several advanced features that enable traders to track the market’s movement. 

The maximum leverage provided by the broker is 1:100, which is quite supreme considering the account type. Moreover, there are no commission fees on withdrawals and deposits. Hence, traders save a lot of funds. The spread here starts at 0.07 pips, which is tight for beginner traders. 

For educating users, there are more than 20 VODs, eBooks, articles, and webinars. A trader gets trading signals for knowing the movement of the market. There are news alerts for knowing the latest happening in the financial market and creating strategies accordingly. Furthermore, the assistance of a personal manager is also available at a user’s disposal. 

Also, there’s a full ten-hour customer call support for traders. Spreads are available on EUR//USD, gold, DAX etc. The available base currencies are, NZD/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/USD etc. 

Gold Account 

The account is several features up from its predecessor Silver Account. It is created for clients who have gained considerable experience and are ready to face more significant challenges for a better investment return. Its added features make it more attractive for users with intermediate experience in the financial market. 

The account is powered by a dedicated account manager that comes in handy in handling multiple trader tasks. Thus, it saves time that a market participant can utilise to understand several instruments and their theatrics deeply. Naturally, therefore, the expectations and edge past the usage of the Silver Account. Moreover, the availability of a swap discount, which is 25 per cent, saves a lot of money for a trader. 

There are free VPS and the fifth decimal features that additionally assist a trader in making better decisions while trading. Also, the customised investment news ensures that traders reach their goals by strategically putting their bids in the market. 

Traders can capitalise on 350 plus CFD assets. Moreover, there’s an A-class customer support that helps 24/5 to customers. The minimum spread is tighter, which starts from 0.05 pips. Furthermore, there’s a margin call of 100 per cent and a stop-out of 50 per cent for retail clients. Also, nothing gets charged while putting or withdrawing the money from the account. So, there’s an additional saving of funds. 

There are trading signals, webinars and videos for making wise decisions while investing in the market. 

Platinum Account 

The account is dedicated to users who have ample trading experience in various financial markets and know risks and rewards at the back of their hands. The quality of features is exciting and gives wings to traders for drawing greater results on every penny spent while trading. It lets a trader exploit the maximum benefits, and any hazard gets compensated by the amazing characteristics that the account exhibits. 

The leverage 1:100 can be fully utilised by the experienced trader of this stature, and massive profits can be earned. In addition, hedging and customised investment news are useful in magnifying profits even when the market is not in favour of a trader. These features help in making every situation conducive and seem favourable.  

The swap discount here is 50 per cent, which is double what a trader gets with the Gold Account. Hence, the benefits are higher. 

Moreover, traders do not have limits on deposits. So, they can go as high as possible, considering their capability of making huge profits. 

The execution models available here are MT4NCC, MT4 Cent etc. One of the significant things trading with the Platinum Account is the tightest spread that starts from 0.03 pips.  

Personal manager, news alerts and other elements hike the trading benefits for a trader. 

Hence, trading with the Platinum Account is utterly beneficial because it offers irresistible advantages covering the necessity of a veteran trader. 

Tradable Assets 

The broker PrimeFin aids traders with multiple tradable assets that are easy to trade in every market and helps in fetching maximum benefits through CFDs. These assets make trading flexible, easy and comfortable for market players. The products include metals, cryptocurrencies, indices, forex, stocks and commodities. 


If a trader is trying to bolt toward certain goals, trading with indices can offer tremendous leverage. The market is relatively less risky, plus it helps in gauging several stocks. The broker offers investment in major exchanges like Nasdaq, Dow and FTSE 100 through CFDs. It additionally offers high effectiveness and meaningful balance. 


If a trader is willing to trade on famous and reputed stocks like Netflix, Tesla, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Uber etc., then stock trading on PrimeFin is the best option. The brokerage firm offers CFDs that enable a trader to invest in different world markets within seconds. Moreover, the control over the market it provides is exceptional. 


The broker renders more than twenty trading commodities, including oil, gas, sugar, coffee, corn etc. They help create a diversified portfolio that is useful when the market goes highly volatile, and market participants have nowhere to go. 


Cryptocurrency trading with PrimeFin is an excellent option for trading in the market and earning significant bucks. A trader does not lose any trading speed while CFDs on litecoin, bitcoin, ethereum and other virtual coins. Moreover, the value, control and volatility are world-class. 


The brokerage firm offers trading on three of the most valuable metals that are a safe haven for investors during inflation and dwindling markets. They are gold, silver and platinum. Trading with them provides balance to the overall portfolio. 


The online trading portal provides more than 40 currency pairs for trading to its customers. Also, scalping is the best tool that gives traders an opportunity to make maximum profits without losing any penny while investing. 

Trading platform 

The PrimeFin broker renders the best in the industry platforms to its traders that enhance the trading experience and ensure market players make maximum profits with the least investment. 

The brokerage firm gives MetaTrader4, Mobile App and WebTrader to its traders for trading. These are top-class platforms with profit orienting features, characteristics and elements. Mobile App is remarkable for traders who want to track the market from the remotest places. 

On the other side, WebTrader is highly customisable for traders. Meanwhile, MT4 is an advanced platform that is used by millions of users globally. Their collective features include:- 

  • Trading history 
  • Analytical toolkit
  • One-click account switching
  • Inherent platform support
  • Free educational hub
  • Multiple chart windows
  • High execution speed
  • In-platform price alerts

Is PrimeFin safe? 

PrimeFin broker is exceptionally safe for trading in every condition or market situation because its parent company Caps Solutions Ltd is incorporated under the Labuan laws. Moreover, the company operates in two offices. The other one is in London, England. 

The registration number for Labuan is LL16622

The registration number for London is 12734747

Moreover, under the regulatory authority LFSA, its license number is MB/20/0052. Hence, the broker is fully protected. Additionally, there’s an SSL certificate and other safety features that make it safe for traders. Hence, the broke is safe and secure for all clients. 

Key Takeaways 

The broker PrimeFin has multiple attractive features that work as takeaways for all traders irrespective of their experiences in the volatile financial market. Its free tutorials, VODs, educational hub and articles are marvellous for all traders. They can learn new tricks and tips from the industry greats and apply that in their trading strategies. 

The customer support is too supportive and resolves all queries 24/5 whenever required. Besides, the wide range of assets and instruments make it imperative for a trader to stick around and earn a lot of money. 

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The PrimeFin review explains some of the top features and reasons why selecting a good broker for trading in the financial market is necessary. Moreover, the high leverage of 1:100 for retail traders makes it all the more user friendly. 

The lowest spreads of 0.03 pips and no commission charges on depositing and withdrawing funds put the broker on top of its competition. The huge swap discount and news alerts are icing on the cake. 

Disclaimer: The information in this article should not be considered financial advice, and FXCryptoNews articles are intended only to provide educational and general information. Please consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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