Popular Trader Shares Crucial XRP Tips; Says it is a Must-Own

Understanding XRP's Price Dynamics: Declining Interest and Technical Indicators

Michal van de Poppe, a well-known cryptocurrency trader and expert on Bitcoin, recently used X, formerly known as Twitter, to publish important information on XRP. Poppe said in the tweet that he was watching for an entry point on the token so that he could maybe add more of the currency to his holdings. The crypto researcher also mentioned that he expects XRP to outperform other altcoins in the upcoming bull season based on previous tendencies.

Poppe advised the crypto community in his final tweet that XRP should be a must-have in their portfolio of digital assets.  

The XRP market chart provided in the tweet, on the other hand, provided more information about the trader’s intended entry point for XRP. The graph showed how XRP displayed a historical trend before resuming at a significant peak position 470 days later. Poppe emphasized that the XRP market has experienced significant volatility due to the developments around the regulatory case.

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Current XRP Bull Pattern is an Obvious Opportunity for Investors

Poppe pointed out that the XRP bull trend has entered a correction as a result of the general lack of interest in the crypto sector. And in his opinion, the correction is more important than it would be during a conventional bull cycle.

Interestingly, the well-known trader claimed that investors should watch out for this pattern to scan for possibilities. “That’s the momentum you’ll investigate higher time frames and scan for those obvious opportunities,” the trader wrote.

Additionally, he said that such times of declining interest are plainly a window of opportunity for investors. A green area on the chart that represents a retest on the weekly timescale was also delineated by Poppe.   

While XRP is shown in the highlighted area between $0.566 and $0.633, he said that this is the best spot to place trades for the upcoming cycle. As previously reported, Poppe counseled cryptocurrency investors to construct their XRP portfolios using Dollar-Cost Averaging strategies. 

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