Playboy to Open its Famous Mansion in The Metaverse

Playboy to Open its Famous Mansion in The Metaverse

Playboy has published a collection of thousands of Playboy NFTs, including the classic bunny avatar, on the digital social platform Centrefold. Recently, it plans to dive into the metaverse.

Playboy Plans to Build Their Famous Mansion in The Metaverse

According to a CNBC report on February 15, the playboy wants to open his famous mansion in the Metaverse.

Playboy CEO Ben Kohn told CNBC that he sees the mansion coming back first in the metaverse because he thinks it gives them a chance to reach a global audience. It will be part of their membership program.

And then he can see the world of the future, where they also have houses made of brick and mortar.

The iconic brand is throwing a party in the Decentraland virtual world but has yet to decide which world to build their Metaverse mansion on.

Kohn added that in early 2022, they will begin with a Playboy membership where members will enjoy a range of benefits and many of their memberships will be blockchain-based.

The news of the plans come two years after the publisher released its last legacy print and five years after Hugh Hefner’s death.

“The magazine is one of the company’s products. But it was really that rabbit head that’s worth billions and billions of dollars and not replicable,” Kohn said.

Kohn Admits the Use of Metaverse to Revive the Company’s Broken Brand

He acknowledged that the current business model underpinning the brand is broken and that the company needs to make changes.

“If you think about what the brand represents from a marketing and awareness perspective, we have 100 percent awareness almost everywhere in the world,” he said.

Kohn ranks Playboy’s brand awareness alongside Nike and Apple, and the company is trying to focus on leveraging its “intrinsic value” in the virtual world.

In October last year, Kohn reunited with Pamela Anderson, who appeared on the cover of Playboy 13 in 1989, to help promote Playboy’s first NFT series.

The collection includes 11,953 “rabbits” sold on the OpenSea digital asset platform.

Users who purchase Rabbitar will also receive exclusive offers, freebies, and various Metaverse experiences.

The 1976 file photo of David Bowie, the 1970 Playboy rabbit on a wakeboard, and the April 1973 Playboy cover have become NFTs.

Kohn stated that they have 10 million pieces of content in their archives, and as NFTs grow, they can also release those, too,” 

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