Petition to Add Logo to Shiba Inu and SHIB Twitter Hashtags; is this Feasible?

Petition to Add Logo to Shiba Inu and SHIB Twitter Hashtags; is this Feasible?

Jolt, a committed member of the Shiba Inu community, recently started an informal but fascinating Twitter petition. The goal is to improve SHIB’s presence on the top web2 social networking platform and strengthen marketing efforts. As a result, the ShibArmy member has been steadfastly asking Twitter to display the project’s emblem next to the hashtags Shiba Inu and SHIB. Notably, the movement is 36 days old today. 

To broaden his audience, he mentioned Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino and founder Elon Musk as he tweeted about the SHIB logo petition earlier today. The user further urged other members of the community to embrace the initiative, saying that it would be beneficial for Shiba Inu. The community wants its logo to appear whenever SHIB or Shiba Inu are used as Twitter hashtags, like other crypto projects do. He wrote, “Kindly asking Elon Musk, Linda Yaccarino, and Twitter for a cute little trademark next to SHIB…”

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Twitter is Yet to grant the Petition; Here’s Why

On June 20, Jolt started the unofficial petition for logo display. However, Twitter has not yet formally acknowledged or approved the request. Notably, top community figures like Lucie, Shytoshi Kusama, and others haven’t aggressively promoted the petition. This partially explains Twitter’s silence. Following this development, Sveinn Valdimarsson, the designer of the Shiba Inu mascot emblem, expressed his concern with the use of the SHIB logo for commercial endeavors.

It’s possible that the development team’s lack of participation in the logo petition is related to their busy schedules with the introduction of the Shibarium mainnet, an ecosystem project of greater importance. Recall that the Blockchain Futurist Conference in August will see the launch of the L2 scaling project.

Kusama announced that a ton of exciting releases and tactical changes would be made in advance of the Shibarium mainnet launch. Lucie also alluded to more changes to the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

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