Pepe Coin Investor Makes Almost $1M Profits in 21 Days

As PEPE Price Falls, Unknown Whales Buys 2T+ Coins; What’s Next?

A Pepe coin investor has recently made a 38,675% profit on his investment in just 21 days. This event is referred to as the transaction of the year. Pepe Coin is currently up another 55%, and the indexes are strongly optimistic. It eliminated two “zeroes” in just two weeks, giving early investors a tidy profit. The spike outperformed its meme coin rivals, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Floki Inu, and Baby DogeCoin, by a more significant margin.

A wallet indicating a holder taking an entry position into Pepe was released by blockchain tracking service Lookonchain six hours after its inception. The investor received roughly 4 trillion Pepe coins after exchanging 2.1 Ethereum (ETH) valued at $4,410 in mid-April. The SmartMoney data reveals that the investor disposed of most of his holdings just days after the price surge.

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Pepe Investors Are Making Life-changing Profits

Looking at the breakdown of the investor’s profit, he earned $906,000 from selling 3.27 trillion Pepe coins, falling just short of the $1 million mark. The investor still has 700 billion coins; therefore, he appears to be already a millionaire. The value of the 700 billion Pepe coins is currently $808,000. So, if he chooses to sell, he could profit $1.7 million. All of this was accomplished in just 21 days. This profit is sufficient time for him to submit his resignation letter to his employer.

The investor’s wallet also reveals that he had made significant investments in meme coins, and his bet eventually succeeded. He has put nearly $45,000 into cryptocurrencies like BabyPepe and Bull. 

The investor’s affiliation with the Pepe team and whether he is an outsider trying his luck are both unknown. The investor is suspicious since he entered the market six hours after the coin was released.

Similarly, an additional individual got $8 million early this week with just a $251 purchase in Pepe Coin. When Pepe reached its all-time high of $0.00000142 today, he traded his ETH for Pepe and realized life-altering gains.

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