PEAKDEFI Continues to Shine on Binance Smart Chain Over the Past 30 Days

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PEAKDEFI was launched on Binance Smart Chain in March and has grown steadily. Over the past 30 days, the user base has grown by 40% to 2,630 active user wallets, while the number of activities has grown by 70% to 7,950 transactions. However, there are only 695 transactions on Ethereum, which shows a significant difference in how users interact with Dapps.

PEAKDEFI is Easily Accessible on Binance Smart Chain 

PEAKDEFI now supports both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, and its platform has locked more than $50 million. Although it has easy accessibility on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum has a larger stake of $30.66 million.

PEAKDEFI is a performance-based assets management fund that allows cryptocurrency investors to easily spread risk across different assets. The platform uses fund managers or traders to expand investors’ investment portfolios. These traders invest but also trade, diversifying risk and creating more stable investments. Technically, anyone can become a fund manager, but you need to get enough credit marks. The more fund managers there are, the more stable production becomes.

Investors who have invested in PEAKDEFI have generally bought units in the fund. These stocks remain active for a period (currently 30 days). After that, users can claim their winnings or sell all of their assets.

In addition, PEAKDEFI offers a staking mechanism to reward users who lock up assets for an extended period of time. For this purpose, they used their own PEAK token.

PEAKDEFI Performance Analysis

In the second trading period, the PEAKDEFI fund closed with an investor profit of 12%. If we want that kind of profit in every period, then we are talking about 300% profit in one year. This is a remarkable feat that shows that the cryptocurrency market has been trending positively so far this year

The second stage lasted 60 days and they reduced the duration of the stage by 50%. The next trading phase will only last 30 days as they think 60 days is too long in the fast-growing crypto market. Hence, a trading cycle is 27 days followed by a 3-day break.

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