Payslink Review — A Comprehensive Payment Solution for Complex Processes


New technologies’ rapid emergence and evolution have created a highly interconnected value chain. However, the various steps involved in the supply chain can lead to costly errors and delays. That is why organizations must adopt a comprehensive approach to improve efficiency and reduce risk.

Until now, international trade has been carried out using an archaic 19th-century structure that relies on paper performance confirmations. This method involves validating various transactions, such as insurance and financial, through a series of paper trails.

Various initiatives are currently being conducted to improve the accuracy and speed of international trade by implementing new technological capabilities. One of these is the use of blockchain technology, a digital ledger designed to provide a secure and verifiable record of transactions.


The Payslink platform is a revolutionary new payment system designed to disrupt the traditional payment industry. It allows users to make and receive payments using a blockchain. In addition to being a secure and decentralized payment system, Payslink also offers a sustainable economy that enables the production and management of large numbers of transactions.

The Payslink platform aims to bring the digital currency ecosystem to mainstream audiences. It allows users to buy and spend digital currencies. It also provides a simple and seamless interface for investors.

The platform also removes the burden of international commerce by integrating blockchain technology into its business processes. It will introduce a new paradigm in the way international transactions are conducted.


A Deep-dive into Payslink Features

Payslink has a very simple interface that makes it easy to use, even for beginners. Innovative business solutions can be tailored to meet specific requirements using the platform. Here are the features it offers:

Payslink Metaverse

The Payslink metaverse is a virtual world that allows users to travel and experience virtual reality through its 3D platform. It also provides them with the best possible buying and selling experiences.

Through its platform, Payslink can turn virtual assets into real-world investments. It can also create value for its users by developing a diverse utility ecosystem. The company will make an NFT marketplace integrated with the Metaverse to expand its business model. That will allow users to trade seamlessly and efficiently with each other in a decentralized manner.

Payment Platform

Payslink users can easily make transactions in both fiat and digital currencies through its payment system. The buyer of a service or product deposits the necessary amount of PAYS tokens into a smart contract, which then releases the tokens to the receiver once the other party has provided proof of their contractual conditions. Here, the smart contract initiates the transfer of the tokens to the receiver.

The service or product buyer deposits the necessary amount of PAYS tokens into a smart contract. The smart contract then releases the tokens to the receiver once the other party has provided proof of their contractual conditions. The smart contract then records the details of the transactions in its encrypted form. When the other party uploads the proof of their contractual conditions, the funds from the escrow account are released to the receiver.

Payment Card

The Payslink card facilitates user-friendliness at millions of enterprises worldwide. Your account displays all of your Payslink prepaid card transactions. Multi-asset assets also continue to exist as digital money in the Payslink wallet. The card also has the cheapest exchange rates and transaction costs, with decentralized and reliable storage.

Payslink’s card also has worldwide accessibility to almost 200 nations worth of online and offline 36 million acceptance points.

P2E Exchange

Payslink has a P2E exchange in its efforts to become a leading platform for trading and investing in utility crypto-tokens, crowdfunding, and liquidity. Payslink allows users to buy bitcoin using various payment methods such as Western Union, PayPal, and bank transfer. Since it’s P2P, you can get the best rate. Notably, the fees for sellers are only 1%, and if you’re planning on buying cryptocurrency, you don’t have to pay any fees.


Through Payslink’s launchpad, blockchain-based projects can raise capital and access their token’s early-stage sales. That allows them to jump on their project’s public launch and attract more investors before it goes live.

Another benefit of using the platform is that it enables them to negotiate a discount on their launchpad. Since the cost of launching a launchpad on the platform is low, more and more projects will be using it as their fundraising hub.

NFTs Market

Payslink has its marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Users can trade various types of NFTs, such as art, gaming, and music.


The Payslink platform has a couple of benefits that make it stand out. Here are some of the top benefits to its users:


The Payslink platform is built on blockchain technology. It uses built-in features such as private and public blockchains, smart contracts, and Auth 2FA to create a secure, automated, and efficient platform.


The Payslink platform is built on a blockchain, and through smart contracts, it can be trusted and self-run. That eliminates the need for human intervention and time-consuming tasks.

Low transaction fees

Payslink P2P makes buying straightforward. When the seller receives the funds, you wait for the crypto to be sent over. For sellers, there is a 1% fee. However, the platform will charge no fees if you want to buy cryptocurrency.


Through the launchpad, startups can present their projects to potential investors worldwide and convince them to invest. Investors and startups also benefit as projects are displayed on a single platform. In addition, startups can get a more affordable token price by becoming a launchpad member.

One Place for All

Payslink provides more than just a blockchain-based decentralized payment system. A significant number of transactions are produced, managed, sent, and received safely every second in this sustainable economy.

Roadmap: What is Planned Ahead?

Payslink has a very organized roadmap. In Q4/2022, a token listing will be on the exchange after completing the crowdfunding round. The platform will also open the public Payslink payment platform. The Payslink Exchange and Payslink Metaverse will also be launched during this time.

In 2023, the Payslink platform will be developed further, incorporate partnerships, launch payment cards and develop a platform for banking and government services. By 2024, Payslink will be a fully working platform, expanding into Asia and conducting full-scale marketing campaigns.


Payslink is a simple solution for complex processes that combines the capabilities of banks, lawyers, and escrow agents. It allows users to manage their transactions and exchange seamlessly. Its platform is designed to provide a high level of transparency and efficiency in the exchange of funds.

Payslink is highly organized, with a set roadmap and a good team. It also has features that allow it to stand out as a simple solution for complex processes.

To learn more about Payslink and receive the latest, visit its official website and follow the team’s social media pages: Twitter|Telegram|Website|LinkedIn|Instagram

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