Paris Hilton Hosts The World’s First Televised NFT Giveaway on Fallon’s The Tonight Show

Paris Hilton Hosts The World's First Televised NFT Giveaway on Fallon's The Tonight Show

Paris Hilton was recently named one of Forbes’ 50 Most Influential NFT People, along with Matt Damon and Reese Witherspoon and many other celebrities, and she lives up to that reputation. Late last year, she launched her own island in a virtual world, Paris World (err!), on Roblox, where guests can visit, party, and buy clothes from her closet, all virtually, to exchange for real, non-digital currency.

Paris Hilton Gifts Free NFT to Fallon and His Audience 

According to an announcement on January 25, Hilton will be gifting the first of her collection of NFTs to Fallon’s The Tonight Show audience. She is also one of the most famous celebrity collectors of these digital artworks, having bought around 140 of them. 

Non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets on the blockchain, and they have become a status symbol for advocates of the technology. The Bored Ape NFT is one of them and is particularly popular right now: Paris and Jimmy Fallon both have their own.

That night, Paris was featured on Fallon’s show, which Forbes described as having a very uncomfortable exchange about her monkey NFT, which perfectly sums up the disconnect between NFT believers and skeptics who call it a pyramid scheme. Equally embarrassingly, Paris announced that she would be giving gifts to everyone in the audience, including Fallon, a copy of her own NFT, a historic moment that has yet to drop. This is a partnership with SuperPlastic, a company that sells vinyl toys and digital collectibles that are actually digital versions of photo collages that Paris created herself.

The collage, made up of photos of Paris and her now-husband Carter Reum, took her six months to put together and was dubbed “My Forever Fairy Tale.” SuperPlastic then turned it into an NFT, and now everyone in the audience has one.

Uproxx pointed out that the audience on the show had to applaud because they were confused and “bored to tears” from the sweepstakes and interviews. The response on Twitter wasn’t great, with some even saying they’d sue if they happened to step onto the set where Fallon was filming his show and handed it over to Paris’ NFT. Discuss the contrast between enthusiasm and skepticism about NFTs.

Controversy aside, however, this is a historic moment that belongs to Paris: the world’s first televised NFT giveaway. Iconic as she said. It’s also a glimpse into the future, as Paris sees virtual worlds as “the future of the party.”

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