Over 500 Validators Express Interest in Shibarium: Is This the Beginning of the Recovery?

Over 500 Validators Express Interest in Shibarium

According to a screenshot shared by Shiba Inu influencer @sunshineSHIB, the lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, who goes by a pseudonym, has reported a surge in interest among validators regarding Shibarium. Kusama revealed that as many as 500 validators have shown interest in joining Shibarium.

Kusama further explained that a majority of these validators have already received invitations to participate in the Shibarium Beta testnet. This early access will enable them to make informed decisions before the network’s official launch.

According to Kusama, most validators have been sent an email requesting them to use the testnet beta to evaluate whether they want to participate. However, Kusama also acknowledged that some applicants who expressed interest in becoming Shibarium validators did not receive the email due to a tagging error.


Kusama further noted that as per his last update, there were 500 validators who have shown interest in Shibarium.

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Are We Finally Getting There?

To provide additional context, validators are nodes within a blockchain network that are responsible for verifying and validating transactions. Validator operators run these nodes, and they will play a crucial role in validating transactions once Shibarium is launched.

It is essential to note that only 100 slots are available for Shibarium validators. In January, Shiba Inu stated that it would select validators based on their expertise, knowledge, and trustworthiness. If any of the existing validators become inactive, new validators can take their slot.

To become a Shibarium validator, one must stake a minimum of 10K BONE tokens.

The increased interest in Shibarium among validators is a positive development, as it suggests growing confidence in the project. However, it is important to note that Shibarium has not yet been launched, and it remains to be seen how successful it will be.

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Additionally, while the fact that 500 validators have shown interest in Shibarium is a positive sign, as it depicts a continues interest in the project. 

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